Why Jack is always right

At age 9 you know everything. Remember those days? If I reach back very far in my memory I can remember thinking I knew everything. The sad part is, we really believed it back then. Parents were dumb, uncool and knew absolutely nothing of the (gasp) stresses that haunted our little lives. And we hadn’t even come close to the teen years. I guess I have to gear up for that.

Though I hear having a boy is easier than having a girl … during the teens anyway. Does anyone want to chime in and let me know about that one!? Or spare me the truth possibly so I can keep moving blissfully unaware towards what I believe to be the “easier” years… Hahahaha!

We were driving to Taekwondo, which is where we are usually driving, (omg we really spend so much time there…Jack 3 times a week and soon to be 4 when we add back in the sparring class muhahaha, and me sometimes 4 classes a week!) and Jack was musing about how smart he was in general and about how clueless parents are, in general… (hello I MADE you, have you ever MADE a person???) which is my only argument these days besides “because i said so” because really, enough with the arguing about every little thing…OMG…

Ugh…Where was I?

Jack: Sigh, it’s just… it’s hard knowing everything…

me: Everything about what?

Jack: About everything? Duh?

me: Like what? What do you know everything about?

Jack: (giving the most withering stare directly into my rear view mirror.) About. EVERYTHING.

me: Oh okay thanks for clarifying Einstein.

Jack: Parents just do not understand.

It’s funny because I used to think the same thing! And look how far I’ve come! I no longer think that Charlie’s Angels are the best detectives in the whole world. I no longer eat Twinkies and Ring dings because they are baddddd. I stopped feathering my hair. Well, on most days. I buckle my seatbelt every day. I recycle! And I learned that just because I like something doesn’t really mean it’s good for me. That was a tough one to swallow.

Good luck teaching your kids the ways of the world! Stay young at heart but not necessarily of mind. 😉