If I … were king … of the country!

Or President. Either way works when you’re 6. Jack decided to sketch out his first order of business as President of the USA.

Jack: What’s it take to be the President? Like Politics? Healthcare?

me: Spending a lot of time talking to Dad I see?

Jack: How come you’re not President?

me: I didn’t want that particular job.

Jack: King of the whole country? Who wouldn’t want that!?

me: Me.

Jack: I am totally gonna be president.

me: I totally believe you! That’s a big job.

Jack: What do I have to do?

me: You make big decisions for a lot of things, like how the country spends its money. Maybe you want to put more money into healthcare and not so much into weapons.

Jack: Unless I think the bad guys are after us and then we need more weapons.

me: Exactly. Sometimes the bad guys are on our side.

Jack: Huh?

me: Nevermind.

Jack: Well, I would definitely have more computer games!

me: More?? How is that good?

Jack: Because it’s FUN. Then everyone in the whole country would have FUN Mom, sheesh.

me: Hmmm, not bad. But what about all the other fun you can have without computers?

Jack: How??

me: Seriously? Like nature for instance, and animals and hiking and all that outside fun stuff.

Jack: You can totally have nature on the computer. Did you ever see Groundhog D-Day?

me: (I cracked up at that one) What?? Who the heck is teaching you that?

Jack: It’s awesome. He grabs his Etch-A-Sketch. I’m working on my Zombo-tron right now, which is also a game.

me: I’m confused. What’s it do? (I glance at his creation. Not bad!!)

Jack: Kills Zombies of course.

me: Why?

Jack: Because that’s his job. Look at his name. Zom-Bo-TRON. Get it? He can buy guns AND switch guns.

me: Maybe he can be president? Ha ha!

Jack: No. He’s not real Mom.

(as if I needed more clarification!)

Zombie (on left) trying to kill a Zombo-Tron