Germany: Day 3

It was another busy day at the IDS dental  show in Koln, Germany on Wednesday. We had many meetings with our distributors and vendors, and had hundreds of customers visit our booth. We’ve spoken about a dozen languages between us all! In dem zahnzwischenraum! (Inside joke)

There weren’t too many opportunities to sit and rest so our feet are a bit sore 😦 we log about 8 miles on our Fitbits each day too!

We were able to walk around before dinner and do some shopping and of course pickup souvenirs and chocolates, but I still have more shopping to do.

The temperature has been great, 50’s, and is expected to go up even more this week. The lights are warm at the booth so we are always just a bit on the sweaty side. I’m hearing it’s wet and cold back home haha. Glad I’m missing it!

We had an amazing traditional German dinner at Roter Ochsen, near the Rhine River. Bratwurst, blood sausage. Schnitzel, apple strudel, beer beer beer! I tried a little bit of everything.

Jack called during dinner and I stepped outside to FaceTime with him. I wanted to show him the restaurant and the sights.

me: Hey Jack look! Here’s the river and the river boats, and the restaurant we are eating at right now. Can you see everyone inside? Look, there’s Bill and Bob and Mirja and Andrei, remember him from last year when they visited and we went to Five Guys? Are you waving? See? They’re all waving! And those are some other sales people…

Jack: Mom, I can only see my own reflection in the window.

me: Sigh. Ok on that note, goodnight!

I tossed and turned all night ugh, Day 4 is going to be tough!

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Germany: Day 1

We landed in Germany at around 3 am our time, 8 am local time. Koln (Cologne) is a very pretty city with lots to see and do! We visited the Dom Cathedral…

…and walked for miles looking at shops (including the beer museum, nutcracker store, and a few local gallerys). 

We stopped at a street stall and ate curry Wurst with pommes frittes (same words for French fries that they use in France). Yes curry wurst is a thing. 

We also visited our German sales team, saw their office, and had a quick sushi dinner with them and picked up some groceries at a local market.

Now it’s 8:30pm here and 3:30pm back home. Time to catch up on Zzzs.

I had been waiting for Jack to call for about 20 minutes. Where was that boy? He had instructions to get off the bus, feed Bella, change her water, scoop her litter and then call me. I was getting wonky after only 4 hours of sleep on the plane last night, if that.

Finally he called.

me: Hi Jack! Want to FaceTime?

Jack: Nah…

Too late I had already dialed in.

me: Hey there you are! How was Bella? 

Jack: Good. She’s eating. I changed her water and scooped her litter. 

me: Awesome, thanks! Why didn’t you call me when you were home? (I noticed he was back at his friend’s house)

Jack: I didn’t want to. Bella was eating. 

me: That’s ok. You’re walking in circles over there eh? What are you doing? Any homework?

Jack: Nope! Gotta go use the bathroom.

me: Oh ok. Um…Talk to you later. Love you.

Jack: Bye, love you too.

And that was it! Guess he’s not missing me yet! I’m now officially deliriously tired. 🙂 tomorrow we officially start working at a big international tradeshow. Should be interesting!

Here are a few more pics! Enjoy!