Words coming from living room while 2 boys play Xbox

(I’m not condoning this, merely reporting)

Jack/Friend: Suck it! You just got served! No YOU got served! Your wife is calling you! Who’s Oprah?? I don’t know!?? Padme sucks! Help me R2!!! That’s SO unfair!!! Dress up like a girl now! Ohhhh I’m your ex boyfriend!! Hahahahaaaaa!


4 things on Jack’s to-do list

I found this note in Jack’s backpack. It must have been from his recent visit with his Dad. I thought it was really interesting. 🙂

All grammar, spelling and punctuation are distinctly Jack’s:


to do!!

1. Give anthony (ˆhis) bacugans back

2. do homework for life!!!

3. play lego star wars and get past Jabba’s palace and…pod race, and sebulda!! = must do!!

4. get up hill somehow  ∆#@A7.


Lego Star Wars

This just came out of Jack’s mouth. I had to type it verbatim.

Jack: Once I was playing Lego Star Wars III the complete saga for XBox 360 and I was Obi-Wan Kenobi as a padwan fighting my older self in the Mos Eisley Cantina from tatooine 3 episodes later! Like I was walking around and I saw my older self and then I took out my light saber and I struck him like 4 times. He died and he went into another room. He didn’t strike me back. I just walked around and wandered into another episode. It was cool.

me: Uh…?

I just stumbled on this cool Star Wars photo site looking for a Lego Star Wars image. Check it out!


Weekend News

Each Monday, Jack’s class writes a “weekend news” sheet. Those were, and are, my favorite things to get back from school, ever since Jack was in preschool. I like to get a glimpse into what Jack thinks about his weekend, what stories stayed with him, and what memories he is retaining. Plus I get to see how his writing style has evolved.

I was pretty impressed with his weekend news sheet today, because he sounds like a little story teller. Very cute. We went to visit my family this weekend, and they gave him a surprise birthday party, since his actual party has been postponed. Here’s what he got out of the whole weekend.


Jack’s Weekend News (all spelling errors are his):

Bam! I slammed the car door behind me and knocked on the small door, but my Mom opened it instead.

I ran inside and threw my hocky stick on the floor and hugged everyone.

We played pin the tail on the donkey and I won $10. I opened my presents and almost screamed when I opened lego star wars III for my Nintendo 3ds.

I thanked them so much for getting me that game and ran to the car. I ran back inside and hooked it right up.

I played for awhile then shut it off because we were going to Milano’s for dinner.

We got in our cars and drove to Milano’s. When we got there we all walked in then we got seated and ordered drinks. I ordered Ginger ale.

We didn’t have dessert because my mom made cupcakes.

(drawing of restaurant, with kid in window saying “YOW! FIZZY!” about the Ginger Ale)