Legos, cats and other randomness

Jack: (playing Legos) Slurp! Cough! Romanamonam! Omg I set this up wrong!!! Now I have to turn this guys head backwards!! Hey mom ya know what!

me: What?

Jack: You smell bad! Dun dun dunnnnn!! (Whistling)

me: Not nice.

Jack: (shooting noises) When’s Gavin gonna be here?! Hey Ed. (Ed jumps across his Legos) Haha. (Smacks himself in the head). Can you stop now. Stop blogging. Stop!! You’re still blogging!!! Let me see!

me: I was out of ideas today.

Jack: I know what to call it. Legos, cats and other randomness!


2nd quote of the day – ok I lied

Jack: (via phone) Mom when I come home can you have wii u all set up so I can play my new Lego City Undercover because I want to close the blinds and make popcorn and sit in my underwear wrapped in my fur blanket and play for a lonnnngggg time okay…so can I?

me: 12 hours?

Jack: If you’ll let me.