Mac and Cheese Coma

Jack and I ate dinner while watching an episode of Madame Secretary. He is so into that show now, and i’m watching it all for a 2nd tme. Really good if you haven’t seen it yet! We would highly recommend it as your next binge.

This week Jack has been interning at my friend’s business and understands what it feels like to be busy all day. We get up at 5 to be at rowing practice at 6, then finish up, go home, shower and I drive Jack to his “job” for 9 then I go to work (luckily they are close to each other), then we head home, walk the dog, feed the cats and slap some dinner together.

Anyway, we were tired from a full week of getting up at 5am. Trust me, as much as I like seeing the sunrise on the beach, I just want a day of solid sleep. We were in the mood to veg out on the couch. I made a giant pot of mac and cheese for Jack, along with veggies, etc., and made sure to make enough for left overs hopefully for lunch tomorrow.

We were eating, or at least I was still eating, and Jack I guess had finished his food, and slumped over like he was in a coma, groaning.

me: What happened?

Jack: Ate. too. much.

me: Really? It didn’t seem like you at a lot at all.

Jack: I ate the whole pan.

me: The whole entire pan??

Jack: Oohhhhhh….. (more holding of stomach and groaning)

me: Jack, that was 8 SERVINGS roughly!

Jack: Yeah, I know, I should have thought that through. Here you can have what’s left.

He hands me his bowl with like 10 little shells in it. Gee thanks.

10 minutes later he eats a half of a banna and a whole apple covered in peanut butter. That was dessert. LOL!

Boys are gross.

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Not a time for change

There are so many things that have happened in the last few months that it’s hard to believe we are where we are. I mean, today I was in my work office, mainly alone, walking around with a bleach wipe to swab any doors I may need to touch, and wearing a hot and sweaty face mask for protection. I actually paused and thought, geez, last year around Christmas, if you would have said “Hey, in about 6 months, no one is going to be working in the office, everyone will be conducting Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings, your kids will be setup at the kitchen table with a laptop and NOT going to school, you will all be fighting over Purell, tissues, toilet paper and face masks, hahaha.” Would you believe it?

A friend of mine said to me recently as we walked together on opposite sides of the street “Ugh, my masks never stay on. I don’t think I have the ears to wear masks.” Said no one. Ever. Sigh…

I still have yet to create my “COVID Cookbook” which contains the 5 or so recipes that I have MASTERED I tell you, during quarantine. Cooking takes time, and i never have time. Finally I got some time and was able to actually cook. Wowza!  Jack helped me just about every night and he got pretty proficient at some recipes also. Soon he’ll cook dinner all by himself. For me! Muhahahaha.

The other night I made his favorite, Mac and Cheese, home made,  but of course I had to mess it up, just enough right? Is it because I’m back at work? I’m lacking time again and had to sort of throw it together maybe. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Jack: What’s that smell?

me: Mac and cheese.

Jack: Then why do I smell basil?

me: Well, I put some in the cheese sauce, along with some broccoli…

Jack: You know, this is not a time for you to start trying different things. Stick to the basics.

Hahaha. Yep I’m back to the good old just basic cooking. I actually thought it was pretty good. If you like greenish mac and cheese that is.


Rice Krispie Treats, mac n cheese and the flu

Why do I always cook and bake when I’m sick? Do NOT eat anything I bring in to work tomorrow…I can guarantee I sneezed in it just a little bit.

I made stovetop Mac and cheese from scratch, broccoli, chicken, Rice Krispie treats and egg salad for lunch tomorrow. Can’t taste any of it. Bleh. Why bother eating, I say?

The Mac and cheese is super easy in case you were wondering. Cook some elbow pasta, like a 1/2 poundish…when its draining add a knob of butter and maybe a tablespoon of flour to the pan and whisk until its smooth. Then add almost a cup of milk. Let it bubble while whisking constantly for like 2 to 3 minutes til thick. Turn off heat. Then add about (gasp) 6-8 slices of American cheese. Melt and stir. You can use other cheeses as well. Then I add about a teaspoon of Worcestershire, salt, pepper and sometimes garlic powder. A tiny dab of good mustard will also boost the cheesiness. Jack ate 2 huge helpings.

He lost interest in helping with the dessert.

me: I’m ready to make the Rice Krispie treats. Wanna help?

Jack: (already engrossed in an episode of Good Luck Charlie) Nahhh..,

me: Aww…

Jack: It’s ok. If you make them really good I’ll say thank you!

me: Sigh…


Wait…what??? Is that still a compliment?

Jack: You make the best Mac and Cheese ever!

me: Thanks…

Jack: No seriously it is sooo good! Can I have more?

me: Of course. That’s nice of you to say that.

Jack: Are you happy when I say that?

me: Totally.

Jack: You should act happier.

me: Like do a happy dance?

Jack: Like not be sarcastic when someone gives you a compliment.

me: Oh.