How do you cancel Halloween?

It’s like canceling Christmas. Remember the Grinch? You can’t stop Christmas from coming! The same goes for Halloween I say!

But cancel it, they did. Many towns throughout CT are without tricks or treats due to the freak storm we received on Saturday. About a foot of wet snow, then ice on top of that! It looks like a disaster area around here. So many homes without power, heat and water. Man. Just when you thought you could coast into the holidays on this nice warmish weather we’ve been having, mother nature zings the sh*t outta you.

Even though the weather was iffy, I still busted out the full LMFAO costume, much to the horror of my co-workers. And, since we couldn’t go door to door tonight, we went to the mall and had the kids trick or treat at all of the stores. I kind of liked it! It was warm and well lit, and you could see everyone’s costume. I taught Jack how to cut in line to get the candy at each store, and how he could go up to a store 2 or 3 times because the employees don’t actually look at the kids, and therefore they would never recognize him if he went back for more. Life lessons people!

When I came into the kitchen this morning, in full makeup and wig, Jack looked up from his book.

Jack: Goodness, you’re a fright.

He went back to reading.

I swear, he’s like 80 years old inside that little body.