Casanova (names changed to protect the innocent)

Jack: Sooo, your friend Cathy?

me: Cathy? You mean Matt and Steve’s mom?

Jack: Yeah…she’s beautiful…

me: (alarm bells) Yes, she’s pretty…

Jack: She married?

me: Uh, yes…to Matt and Steve’s Dad, remember?

Jack: (thinks about it for a minute) But she can get divorced, right?

me: You thinking of making your move or what? You’re 6 Jack.

Jack: I knoooowwwww! (he looks perturbed) Well, anyway, she’s on my list.

Jack has a “list” of people that he wants to marry. This list may or may not include a robot and cartoon character, along with people 5 times his age. There are some age appropriate little girls on his list too. Whenever we go somewhere, if Jack spots someone cute, he looks at me and says “LIST”! Mom’s are always supposed to know their little boy’s lingo.