Why cicadas do not go to summer camp


Jack: What’s that noise!?

me: The cicadas are back. It’s a bug that comes out every 17 years.

Jack: Comes out of what?

me: The ground. Right now those cicadas you hear are trying to find a mate to have more babies that will come out of the ground 17 years from now.

Jack: What??

me: The babies live underground eating tree roots for 17 years. Then they hatch in the millions, shed their skins and then they try to find a mate too.

Jack: That’s all they do?

me: Pretty much. They live just long enough to mate and have babies, then they die.

Jack: That’s a heck of a life cycle!

me: People are the same, except we live longer and do more stuff in between. Like summer camp ha ha. But basically we want to have babies and see those babies grow up to have their own babies.

Jack: Ugh! What’s the point?

me: To keep your own species alive. That’s it.

Jack: Humans live longer so they can screw up all the other life cycles while they’re waiting to figure out their own.

me: ???



Calming bedtime talks of … what’s the point of anything

me: I can’t believe you finished the third book. (Harry Potter) Tell me a quick summary since you read most of it yourself. I’m out of the loop. (I see his look) Yes, I know I read the book before but that was a decade ago.

Jack: Sirius escapes and Lupin is a werewolf.

me: That’s concise. Thanks. Ok. Lets go watch the movie. (I let Jack see the movie only after he finishes each book. You’ve never seen a kid read so fast.)

(Later, in Jack’s bedroom…getting ready to start the next book)

Jack: The movie was awesome! Apple TV has everything.

me: For a price, yeah.

Jack: Oh no. (flipping to the end of book 4)

me: Gah! Don’t read the ending for Pete’s sake!

Jack: I’m not. I just saw it has over 700 pages! Whoa… And, I like to read the first word and the last word of every book I read.

me: 700? Better get started then… (We read the first chapter and then I tuck Jack in and rub his back a little)

Jack: Sigh… Do you ever ask yourself what’s the point? Like why are we even born if we only die anyway?

me: (uh oh) Well… We get to spend happy times with the people we love…and…

Jack: (not impressed with my explanation) Yeah yeah. I’m asking What is the point of LIFE!

me: (mouth opening and closing like a fish) Uhhh…

Jack: So THEN, ask yourself what is the point of getting SHOTS when you turn 9??!!

me: (Ahh, the real question. I look over and see that he’s already asleep.)