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Last week of 6th grade

I can’t believe Jack’s first year of middle school is coming to an end. 3 days left. This has to be one of the fastest years I’ve seen… Is it because I’m old now?? I think we’ve just been so busy that we haven’t come up for air in the last 9 months. Soccer, taekwondo for us both, trips to NYC every other weekend, working, etc etc. it’s seriously a blur. I looked up and Jack grew two more inches, another shoe size, and weighs about 100 pounds. OMG.

When I asked him what he will miss most about 6th grade, he said:

Jack: Nothing. Nothing at all. Well I could say I missed Mr. T, (his math teacher), but I won’t say that.

When I asked him what he hated most about 6th grade…

Jack: Mr. T. (Again the math teacher.).

What is your best memory?

Jack: Meeting all my new friends.

What words of advice would you give to the 5th graders heading to middle school next year?

Jack: It sucks, good luck. Don’t get lost and don’t get on Mr. T’s bad side.

Sigh. I guess that’s all I’m getting out of him. Happy summer everyone! 


The best way to save your energy

Jack: I was thinking about wearing the same clothes every day. I should do that.

me: You mean like a uniform?

Jack: No, I men exactly the same clothes. Sighhh, I just don’t want to waste all that brain power picking out what I’m gonna wear.

Yes… This was said with a straight face and a serious tone. It was a real consideration!


And in other news, I’ll show you some photos from Jack’s birthday sleepover. He turns 10 this Sunday omg. 10!

Jack: Mom, can you believe in 5 months I’ll be in middle school?

me: That’s June. You start middle school in September.

Jack: Well I’ll be OUT of 5th grade and technically in middle school then. Can i take my iPod to school then?

me: No.

Jack: When can I have a phone??

me: When you’re old enough to drive yourself to the store.

Jack: NOT FUNNY and REALLY annoying!