Camp calls. Two in one week?

So today I got a call that jack had misbehaved with his water bottle by squirting someone. He wouldn’t stop when asked. Then he wouldn’t give up his water bottle when asked. THEN he walked away from the counselor and she grabbed his arm and he yelled ASSAULT ASSAULT!!

I had just found a seat with my plate of food at my company picnic. I saw the camp number show up on my phone screen. I inhaled a few bites before I answered because I just KNEW!
me: Sigh, hello?

Camp: Hi, Jack is okay, buuuttt (and she told me the story)

me: So like do I need to come get him?

Camp: Um yeah?

me: I’m at a company function and probably can’t leave for a half hour.

Camp: It’s ok, he’s in the house waiting.

I had to leave my company picnic to go get him. Geez. And, when I got there I got in trouble for packing peanuts in his lunch. Gah!! It’s a nut-free camp but I forgot since jack is only allergic to treenuts. Fail.

me: Jack… Come on, what happened?

Jack: My friend was squirting me first!

me: But you got caught. Why didn’t you just hand over the water bottle?!

Jack: They didn’t ask nicely.

me: You shouldn’t have walked away…

Jack: They’re not allowed to touch me!

So we had the conversation about how camp counselors are indeed in charge when I’m not there. And they can take his water bottle and they can stop him from walking out of camp. Sigh…

Well, no ipod or video games for the long weekend. And Jack will be writing a nice apology letter to his counselor. This usually buys me a week of beyter behavior. 

I’m tired and ready for sleep! 🙂