How a post on bike riding ends up with Alice Cooper…??

(photo courtesy of nowthatsnifty.blogspot.com)

Wow, that’s about 10 minutes of my life I won’t get back. I was thinking of the things that Jack and I talked about while we rode our bikes today. We covered a lot of ground from bugs to bad guys and everything in between. Then I remembered the “School’s out for the summer” song that I taught Jack this year on his last day of first grade. We sang some of that as we pedaled through the woods. So of course I had to Google Alice Cooper and read the entire wiki on his first big hit! Interesting, kind of…


It was Jack’s longest ride ever (perhaps mine too!) 5.5 miles. I have a sore “A” and a cut up shin from trying to avoid hitting him and then wiping out gloriously on the trail in front of a few other parents and kids. I tried to play it off so cool.

Jack: Why do mosquitoes just love us! (swat swat)

me: They drink blood. We have blood.

Jack: Can’t they eat a cracker? Oh, look, if I run around in a circle, they can’t land on me (puff puff)

me: We have to start riding again, okay? Those walkers passed us like 3 times…

Jack: Let me finish my snack… here little mosquito, want a cracker??

me: Alright, ready?

Jack: Yeah…so how far do you think we went?

me: (Glancing back and noticing that the start of the trail was still visible) Not very far…

Jack: Then let’s GO! (he zooms off)

me: So is this as fun as you thought it would be?

Jack: Oh yeah, this is awesome! On your left! (he’s a pro at passing people)

People: Hey it’s you guys again!

me: Yeah, we keep stopping for breaks and you keep walking by us again heh heh…

Jack: Mom needs lots of breaks! (much laughter from people and Jack is proud of his joke)

me: Oh very funny mister!

Jack: I dreamed that bad guys were coming to our house. How are we safe from bad guys!!??

me: We have an alarm, so that helps.

Jack: Maybe I should stay up at night and watch.

me: That’s what Daddy and I do. We’re light sleepers. Plus we have attack kitties.

Jack: Oh Ed will run away for sure.

me: What about Bella?

Jack: She’ll slice em to pieces.

me: Totally!

Jack: (he sighs…) I love summer vacation. What’s that song again?

me: School’s out for the summer!

Jack: Yeah! (He starts singing it loudly as he is being passed by a toddler on a bike with training wheels)

me: Can we maybe speed it up please?

Jack: Oh, I was giving your legs a break.

me: Sigh…