Which instrument will he choose to play?

Let’s find out! Ever since Jack was old enough to sit up and grab things, he’s been very interested in musical instruments. He and I would have “band practice” in the mornings before he even turned 2. We’d play on his xylophone, with maracas, a couple of horns, maybe a toy piano…and we’d jam. It was a lot of fun, and I got to perfect my Doe a Deer playing on multiple instruments!

Over the years, Jack drifted more towards horns (trumpet his fave), the harmonica (he actually got quite good!) and the guitar (which he got for Christmas one year). We never had him take lessons, he just mostly messed around. He wanted to take guitar lessons, but the thought of weekly practice sessions turned him off.

He’s since taken an interest in drums and (believe it or not) beat boxing. Which, I have to say, he’s quite good at. I can hear him making the strangest noises, but with rhythm I tell you, as he’s playing or whatever. I’ll have to catch him and get a video of that.

So, the other day Jack brings home a notice from school. As a 3rd grader he can sign up to play a stringed instrument. The choices are: violin, viola, cello and bass (the big one mind you). I say “eh” and don’t think anything of it. But just the other day Jack brought up the school band. I had no idea he was interested…

Jack: Did you get the notice from school?

me: What notice?

Jack: That I can play an instrument. Can I??

me: Really? I didn’t think you wanted to play one of those instruments.

Jack: I totally do! You get to carry it on the bus and then go to music practice during ACTUAL work time in school!

me: Ohhh, I see the motivation. Which instrument did you like?

Jack: The cello of course.

me: Cello?

Jack: Yeah, my friend Steven is doing that one, so we can go together.

me: Why on earth would both of you pick the cello?

Jack: It’s the only instrument that you get to sit down and play!