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Where in the world is Jack?

He’s never home, that’s for sure!

Jack was always a very social kid. He likes to be around other kids, was never afraid of leaving my side and going to play with other families, and always ready for an adventure.

I think I’m the one that ends up missing Jack more than he misses me, possibly?

I came back from a work trip to Chicago and only saw Jack for a little while before he went to bed. The next morning he was outside playing with friends all day, riding his bike, and then did a sleepover at another friends house.

He doesn’t have a cell phone yet so it is a little tricky keeping track of him. I know, I know he’s 12 and everybody has a phone. But I really felt like he didn’t need one until just recently.

I mean, if you have to text Jack’s friend’s mom to tell her to text her son to tell Jack that you’re going to be late meeting the bus, then maybe it’s time he has a Phone of his own. What do you think? How old were your kids when you got them phones…And what type of phone did you get them??

Jack: mom I’m going next-door to play outside.

Me: just let me know if you leave the yard next-door and go anywhere else please, OK?

Jack: OK!

Later on I go outside looking for Jack next-door… He’s nowhere to be found. I walk up and down the street with the dog looking for his bike or listening for his loud voice… nothing.

I call his friends house to ask if he’s there… no answer. I called a friend cell phone, and Jack answers.

Jack: Hey mom! What’s up?

Me: Where are you?

Jack: I’m at my friends house! You just called him!

Me: I called his cell phone… that doesn’t mean I know where you are. You were supposed to be next-door.

Jack: Well you knew I had my bike so we were also gonna ride bikes, and then we rode down here, and we’ve been inside ever since.

Me: OK I get that, but how do I know where you are? You have to tell me.

Jack: OK let me see, I’ll just pull out my phone and call you….wait! I don’t have a phone! Oohhh!

Me: But you have two legs. Next time walk over and tell me where you’re going so I know where you are. I don’t want to have to walk around the neighborhood looking for you.

Jack: See?? Me having a phone is going to make your life a lot easier!

Maybe he’s right. 🙂