Meet Moca!

If you’ve ever owned a puppy then you can appreciate my state of mind right now. We picked up Moca this past Saturday. She is half Pitbull and half Corgi mix. A rescue! Adorable and sweet at 12 weeks old. Smart as ever!

Then why am I in, as my friend called it, puppy post-partum? Because ITS LIKE HAVING AN INFANT!


It will pass. But I’m tired.

Jack is so thrilled to finally have a new puppy. He’s a great help also and Moca loves him. 
The Plan…

Jack: i’m going to walk the dog morning and night right mom?

me: Yep!


Jack: but it’s so cold and dark out at 6:30! Can you do it?

me: Nope!

We have a pretty good schedule, Moca does really well all night in her crate I must say. I wake her up in the morning take her outside, feed her and take her in the kitchen on a leash to get Jack’s breakfast ready. The leash is for everyone’s safety and control. Especially Bella. And my furniture and walls.

Then Jack comes down stairs after getting dressed and eat breakfast, and we play in the kitchen while he ignores usHa ha. Then I take Moca into the bathroom with me to get partially ready while Jack brushes his teeth and get his things together for school. Jack will then take her for a walk for about 10 minutes while I blow dry and get dressed and then we all walk down to the bus stop together. And then I have a bout a half hour more playtime and getting ready time with the dog and then she goes in her crate around  7:30. Luckily I work close to home so I zipped home before lunch and spend a half-hour with her and then we were beat the routine when I get home from work.

She really is great at our routine even though it’s only been three days.

And that’s as long as it took me to write this blog post ha ha. I can do about a paragraph a day. I’m so tired and need a good Dog Walker! 🙂


The end of 2016

I’m a little late in posting. I slacked off! Had a lot going on with work and Christmas and possibly getting a new puppy. Eeeeeeeee! So yes, very busy and just coming up for air now that I have a week off from work. (Cue hallelujah music)…

Jack LOVED all of his gifts. A new TV for his room and DJI Osmo mobile selfie stick stanilizer (whew) were the biggies. Now he can veg out with Xbox games up in his room. And I can finish my Walking Dead downstairs! At least until Jane the Virgin catches up on Netflix. 

Jack is currently watching Earth to Echo. Cute movie about an alien. Jack LOVES this movie. I can only take so much.

So, this Christmas was a little different. No one came to stay over. We didn’t visit anyone. We didn’t put cookies out for Santa. Jack said I would just eat them and I didn’t “need” them. Sigh. Jack also didn’t wake me until 6:30!! Unheard of in our family. We didn’t make a gingerbread anything. We did cut down our own tree… and decorated it with white lights for the first time. Colored lights are our favorite. But they were all dead :(.

Jack: This is the best Christmas EVER! 

me: What’s your favorite gift?

Jack: TV!! Of course!

me: Then what?

Jack: Osmo!

me: Then let me guess, the rest all falls in the same pile of mediocrity.

Jack: Pretty much. (Pause) But THANK YOU… for the TV.

me: Sigh…

Jack: It was all great. 

And I enjoyed my one present under the tree. I should really buy myself stuff throughout the year, wrap it and then put it under the tree next year. I’ll forget what it is by December, guaranteed!

The last few days are winding down in 2016… and 2017 just HAS to be better. I mean, I just found out that George Michael died! What kind of year is that?? 

I’m now getting ready for the 12-year-old birthday next month. I have an exciting surprise for Jack. I’ll tell you guys later 🙂 no spoilers! 

Now we await the little puppy Moca.  1/2 Corgi, 1/2 Pitbull. Arrives Saturday. 🙂 next year is gonna be CRAZY! 

I’ll leave you with a saying that I’m going to take to heart next year… When’s the last time you did something for the first time?

And this one: 

And a few photos in no particular order. Bella is in for a change in a few days. Hope she’s ok with it.  

Jack and I are getting ready for our 2nd degree black belt tests. Omg. And I’ll make as many days Beach Days as I can in 2017!