How much sugar is too much?


When Jack eats ice cream, I can set my watch by the sugar buzz whizzing into his brain. 10 minutes. Not 9. Not 11. He gets goofy. Then has the urge to run. Then he gets spastic and generally hurts himself or me by trying to wrestle or generally tickle torture me to death.

What happens when you top a big bowl of ice cream with jelly belly jelly beans? (First of all…gross!) Why the heck did I even want an answer to THAT question? Sheesh.



Let’s just say that the sugar buzz lasted all the way to bed time. Good job MOM!


Jack: I’m having nightmares!

me: You just climbed into bed, that’s impossible.

Jack: No, really! It’s impossible to go to sleep with these nightmares. Really!

me: I think the sugar is still in your system making you hyper. Just try to relax okay?

Jack: It’s still a nightmare.

me: I think you technically have to be asleep to even have a nightmare.

Jack: Yeah, well when they’re really bad they start when you’re awake!


(no more sugar within 5 hours of bedtime…)

Mom Notes: BTW, Jack is absolutely filthy from being at camp all day. Sort of the dazed homeless look. He’s also trying to “grow my hair long so it swoops over one eye”, hence the street urchin hair style. He cleans up pretty well though… 🙂