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Jack’s unique brand of … humor

me: If you really want to do a favor for someone or help them, don’t ask them if they want help, because most people say no no it’s ok I’m fine.

Jack: Then how do you help?

me: You have to tell them you’re going to help and just say you’ll do whatever it is. Like if you know someone needs a ride somewhere you don’t say Do you need a ride? You just say hey I’ll pick you up at 7.

Jack: No matter what the agreed upon time was?

me: Sigh, yes if they need a ride at 9 you force them to take a ride at 7. Sheesh.

Jack: (excited to tell me a joke) This guy went to the doctor and said “I have a problem. I always poop at 8am on the dot.” The doctor says “Well what’s wrong with that? That sounds very healthy.” And the guy says, “I wake up at 9am.”

me: Ha. Where do hear this stuff?

Jack: Around.