A day at the park with “friends”

Jack always makes friends when he goes to the park. Whether they want to be friends or not. When he was younger, Jack would call every kid “friend”, and he sounded like someone that just arrived here from another country.

Jack: Friend! Play with me!

Kid: My name’s Joey.

Jack: Okay friend! Let’s go!

So then it became a running joke between all of us and we started calling everyone friend as well. Then as Jack got older, he had a best friend at daycare named Shankar. Shankar is Indian and very dark skinned. Whenever Jack would see an Indian boy, or any dark-skinned boy, at the park he would yell “Shankar!”. Of course the kid was like “My name’s Pete!” But Jack didn’t care. Friend and Shankar were there to stay. That used to crack us up.

I’ve seen Jack go up to a group of 12-year old girls and ask if he could play with them. Much to their horror and delight. They squealed and ran away and Jack gave chase thinking this was part of the game. He’s a bit innocent and clueless like this. Definitely not shy.

We were at the park the other day and Jack had a bunch of different “friends” to play with. No Shankars though.

Jack and his first friend. He's thinking "Okay, you're only 3, but you're the only one here"
Jack's 2nd friend. Friend looks scared. Seriously Jack's not forcing him to be in this photo!
Jack's 3rd friend. Actually this is our neighbor. She likes to say "I have snacks for the Jacks" which Jack loves to hear.
Kids lose toys at the park. Jack finds toys at the park. He never goes home empty handed. This was our loot from that day.


Jack: There’s no one to play with today!

me: Just be patient. You’ll find someone.

Jack: There’s just a bunch of babies. Can you call someone to come play with me?

me: You want me to order up a friend online?

Jack: Ohhh, do they HAVE that??? Yes!

me: I’m kidding.

Jack: So am I. Can you just call Gavin for me???