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Law of atracciΓ³n

Jack and I were talking about the Law of Attraction and how if you put your mind on something and think about it positively, it will eventually come your way.

I tried it recently and was focusing on more leisure time. I got a promotion this year which meant longer hours and more work, and I started to feel as if the days were just too short. For a few weeks I focused on me having enough leisure time to go for a run in the morning, get some chores done, and maybe have some time to do things with Jack.

Enter Jury Duty.

I didn’t see this as a “more free time” type of commitment, however that’s exactly what it provided to me. The start time was approximately one hour later than my work time so I have been going for a run in the morning (and thank goodness the sun decided to finally show itself this week!). The case called for lots of lawyer meetings which meant that us jurors had many breaks. I got to READ A BOOK DURING THE DAY! Also, we had a few days with very long lunch hours. I got to GO HOME AND WALK THE DIG AND EAT LUNCH AND SIT ON THE DECK IN THE SUN.

And… I was home maybe a half hour early which allowed us to take a bike ride and go to the mall DURING THE WEEK.

Then I realized… leisure time .Ahhhh.

Now back to Jack. And the car ride.

me: See? It really does work. You should try it today seriously.

Jack: But what should I focus on.

me: How about your Spanish test? Picture getting a 100 on it. Actually picture it coming back to you with that grade written on it. Wouldn’t that make you happy.

Jack: Worth a shot.

Later that day… πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Give it a try. Start small, stay positive, and really believe it. Trust me, it works.


1 through 10, camp rating system

Jack: Ohhhh I HATE camp!

me: What??? You love it! You’ve been so excited to go and you always have so much fun. How can you hate it?

Jack: 6 hours of the “outdoors” (he air quotes) really cuts into my technology time!

me: Well you need to be outside. It’s healthy for a boy.

Jack: But it’s hot and we never go inside.

me: Why don’t we think of some ways to make sure tomorrow is an extra special day for you.

Jack: How do we do that?

me: We can start with packing a special lunch, and your favorite bathing suit and a toy to bring?

Jack: I guess… Maybe I’ll rate each part of the day 1 through 10.

me: 10 being the best?

Jack: Yeah. Then I’ll prove to you that I hate camp.

me: Okay, we’ll try to make everything a 10 tomorrow. But remember, if you think everything is going to be awful, then you might really get your wish. The trick is to think how much fun you’ll have, and be positive. Sometimes that makes happy things happen.

Jack: Let me try that and get back to you.

me: Ha ha…okay.

(next day after camp)

me: Hi! Well… how did the rating system go?

Jack: (very excited) Well the playground definitely got a 10 because, well I can’t really tell you why, but it’s definitely a 10!!

me: Okayyyy? Interesting. What about the overall day. Like the whole thing combined?

Jack: Definitely a… 9.5! Wait. No. A 10!

me: Really? See? I told you! I’m so glad!!

Jack: And we didn’t have swimming and I think I lost my swim shirt in the changing room where I lost my flip flops last time.

me: Nice. I’m just glad it was a good day.

Jack: I get you happy first and then tell you the bad news. That always works.

me: Working the system. That’s my boy.