Jack: No one in the history of the world ever…


me: What?

Jack: Nevermind. You won’t get it.

me: Get what? Come on you can tell me anything…

Jack: Well…. It’s like I don’t think anyone in the world thinks this but me. Like if I’m talking to my friend and he’s blah blah blah then in my head I say “wow my friend is talking to me right now and I’m listening and this is what we”re doing in the entire world!”

me: I totally used to do that, Jack! Really. It’s like you realize that this is what’s happening at this very moment in your life. It’s being present in your own consciousness. You’re not the only person to do that you know. But it’s pretty cool huh ?

Jack: Yeah, I do stuff like that a lot.

me: When I was a teenager and went to a concert, I would think “my actual favorite band is in the same room with me and I can see them right now!” It was so cool, but then usually I missed whatever song they were playing right then. Heh heh.

Jack: Yeah I really don’t care about hearing stories about bands from the seventies. (He walks away)

me: Sheesh! … Helloooo…it was the EIGHTIES!!! … Sigh…