Quote of the day, argumentative

Jack: I’m not arguing! I’m just telling you how you’re wrong!

me: Sigh.

That was how our “discussion” ended. 


I didn’t want Jack to mow the lawn with a broken toe in a shoeless ortho boot. I told him to put a sneaker on and then the boot.

Jack: That doesn’t matter! The sneaker isn’t going to protect me from the lawn mower blade, it’s still gonna do the same damage to my foot!

me: Oh that’s a good argument.


I just told Jack to hurry up in the shower. I went up to look and he had his iPod set up with his black light water speakers. Ready for an event in the shower! Oy!

me: How long do you plan on being in there? Be quick ok?

Jack: I just arranged an entire speaker setup. It’s not going to be quick.

Right now it sounds like a concert in the bathroom. 🙂

Here’s Jack mowing the lawn in his boot! Use the term “lawn” loosely.


Quote of the day … Orlando style

Jack and I were sitting by the pool talking about our trip to the Harry Potter attractions. Which I loved by the way. Daigon Alley really beat out Hogsmeade by a mile. Though one of the Durmstrang dancers at Hogsmeade winked at me as he walked by. Eeeee!

While we talked, my phone kept beeping and dinging because, though I was on vacay, everyone kept expecting me to solve problems! Which I did. Because I’m awesome like that. It was getting frustrating, though, and after the 10th ding…

Jack: Sighhhh! Enough! Smell it, people! We are in Florida!!