Some sh*t I heard today

I guess I’ll make up for the lack of posts by…posting again! I just remembered the few gems that I heard today. Just had to share!

“Just because you let me walk in the hallway with my toothbrush, don’t call it a privilege!”

“Mom, in 2nd grade, we all master the Yell and Tell. It’s HEEEYYYYYY Mrs. Van Growski!!! Then we point and keep yelling. Everyone does it.”

“You know, he is REALLY cocky. And I know that means confident. Because he told me that’s what it means.”

“Can I drive up and down the street in your car? …Duh, on your lap of course!”

“Dad said if I talked British all day he would buy me a lego set.”

“Oh, I can do my homework all right, but I’m not liking it for one second.”

“I can tell when Dina’s not home, because Paulina (the dog) acts like she doesn’t know me anymore.”

(and my favorite, just because of the nostalgia):

“Sunday is when the Easter Bunny comes, right? And this is BEFORE we eat with everyone, RIGHT??” (please note that this is a wicked flashback to a few years ago when I started this lovely blog. OMG, it’s all repeating!!)