Harry Potter Book 3

I’ll have to get Jack to write a review of the HP books ASAP. He’s devouring them!

I mostly read book one to him at bedtime because I really wanted to get him interested. At first he couldn’t stand the thought of reading about wizards, much in the same way that I couldn’t stand wizards about 10 years ago…until I got past the first chapter and was of course hooked. And of course I was much much older when I was reading the series.

Jack loved book one and immediately started book two. I read some to him but he did a lot on his own at home and at school. Then, after watching the first two movies, Jack grabbed book three and is now almost done. I haven’t really read to him at all from this book so I’m sort of lost again. Oh well.

Jack: I’ll just read the rest of the books by myself, ok?

me: Why? Then I won’t remember what the heck is happening.

Jack: Wellll… You read kinda slow and I don’t like how you change voices and try to do a fake British accent for Hagrid. (He thinks of something…) And you can just wait and see the movie!

me: Sigh.