Happy Mother’s Day 2014!

20140511-073200.jpgTo all the moms out there…Enjoy your day! May it be filled with instant maple brown sugar oatmeal and orange juice in bed, just like mine was! And as I lay here writing this in bed, with Bella curled up next to me, listening to the birds chirp through my open window, and hearing the sounds of Lego Star Wars coming from the living room, I’m thankful that I had the chance to experience being a mom. And I have an amazing little boy helping me figure things out as I go along.

(Gah, The autocorrect on this is horrific!!)

Jack came into my room carefully juggling a hot bowl of oatmeal and a very full cup of OJ.

Jack: Happy Mothers Day!

me: Wow I thought you were just playing your game.

Jack: Here’s some oatmeal! It looks good. Can I try it?

me: Of course. (He shovels a spoonful in)

Jack: Mmmmm. Here you go…

me: Thanks Jack. That was very sneaky of you.

Jack: And here’s a card!

me: This is beautiful Jack. When did you make this?

Jack: Thanks. I did it at school.

me: Now tell me what the kitchen looks like.

Jack: Nothing! It’s fine! Can I go play my game??

me: Yep.

I will relax a little longer in bed. Because there is no way I’m drinking orange juice after eating sweet oatmeal!

Enjoy the day everyone!