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All about that Zika

It’s a buzz word that all kids are hearing, using and have some fear of: Zika. It’s in the news and all over the radio, and their friends are talking about it. It’s gotten so that it has become a comical word that Jack and his friends use when they talk to each other. And sometimes when they talk to their mom.

I drive Jack and his friend to school this morning.

me: Jack, what did you end up making yourself for breakfast? (Jack usually grab a bowl of cereal while I get ready. And then he asks for his second breakfast when I’m done ha ha)

Jack: Zika flakes.

His friend cracks up.

me: no seriously, what did you end up eating? I heard you making cereal.

Jack: Zika flakes, covered with a sprinkling of Zika.

More cackling.

me: Really?

Jack: no, really, it was Zika flakes covered in a sprinkling of Zika with a side order of toast and Zika and a cup of Zika juice.

OK I can see how this is going so I don’t expect to ever get a straight answer. All I have to do is go back and look at the crumbs on the counter to see what he had, ha ha.


Guilty of something? What do you think?

Jack: Hey Mom can you drive me to school and pick me up for a few days?

me: You don’t want to take the bus?

Jack: Noooo…I just need a little break…heh heh

me: What happened on the bus?

Jack: Why do you think something happened on the bus!??

me: Gee, I don’t know. Just a hunch.

Jack: I didn’t get written up!!

me: What!? What are you saying?

Jack: The principal isn’t involved Mom so don’t keep asking!

me: Sigh… So you want a ride just because. No problems?

Jack: Uh, no! Steven and I didn’t even fight!! I mean… I just want to be with you…

me: Yeah right…