Country Roads

Moca refuses to face the camera!

Jack and I returned from an RV trip this weekend. 8 days in a 20-foot camper van, with Jack and Moca the dog, made for an interesting experience! Part glamping, part camping, part roadtrip, we kind of had it all on this trip!

Jack: Except for fun.

me: What do you mean? The trip wasn’t fun? What would you rate the trip overall from 1-10?

Jack: 7? I mean 6.5?

me: Really? How would you rate the fun-ness.

Jack: 5? Maybe?

me: You didn’t have fun?

Jack: Well, I did, but it wasn’t like FUN fun, I mean a few things were fun like the boat tour (we toured the Thousand Islands area of NY), and…

me: And that’s it?

Jack: If you want to count you barreling up and down mountain roads at 70 miles per hour… that was fun.

me: Now you’re just kidding.

Jack: Eating was fun. No wait, staying in the hotel was fun!

(We needed to stay in a hotel so Jack could do his driver’s ed zoom calls, with uninterrupted wifi.)

me: Well, where would you like our next vacation to be?

Jack: In a hotel.

me: Sigh.

We toured the Finger Lakes region of NY, the Thousand Islands region of NY, Grand Isle/Burlington VT, Mt. Washington area of NH, Bar Harbor and Acadia ME, and then down to Salem MA before heading back to CT.

I stalked two of my favorite writer’s homes (Joseph Monninger and Stephen King) and can now cross those off my to-do list! We couldn’t climb Mt. Washington, so we’ll have to do that another time. We were also originally planning to go to Niagara Falls, but decided against it at the last minute. We probably drove an average of 3.5-4 hours per day to get from place to place, and stayed in campgrounds mostly, just for safety sake.

I used a website called RV Share and was able to rent this camper van from a private renter, sort of like Air Bnb but for RV’s. It was a great experience, but not one that I would need to do again most likely. Unless I owned my own camper or something, which is not in the plans. I would much rather roadtrip in a car and then stop at hotels along the route, OR straight up camp out in the wilderness with a tent and canoe or something like that. I think Jack feels the same way.

I think.

me: So, Jack, what was your favorite thing about the road trip? Aside from the boat tour?

Jack: Getting home.

And there you have it! 🙂