Wait…what??? Is that still a compliment?

Jack: You make the best Mac and Cheese ever!

me: Thanks…

Jack: No seriously it is sooo good! Can I have more?

me: Of course. That’s nice of you to say that.

Jack: Are you happy when I say that?

me: Totally.

Jack: You should act happier.

me: Like do a happy dance?

Jack: Like not be sarcastic when someone gives you a compliment.

me: Oh.


What you get when you have a boy

Jack: (jumps into the car, throws his backpack across the seat) Got a snack? I’m HUNGRY!!

me: How about hello?

Jack: Listen, I’m hungry and I want a snack NOW! Got it?

me: Ha…that’s gonna get you real far. Manners? Saying please? And lose the tone!

Jack: Well what do you expect when you have a 7-YEAR-OLD BOY?? And I am stressing the word “BOY”!

me: I’m stressing that word also.

Jack: (stops his rant) Heyyyyy! I’m detecting SARCASM!