The squawk heard ’round the world

Jack had his school concert today! It was only for the student body…parents’ night is next week. Jack has been so excited and has been practicing a lot! He’s really getting good. 🙂

Yeah…soooo…the kids were supposed to dress up for the occasion…button down shirt, khaki pants or shorts, etc., as this is sort of a dress rehearsal for the big night.

Ahem. Well we forgot.

First we forgot about the entire concert and at the last second before the bus came, Jack remembered that we FORGOT the sax. I sprinted up our driveway, which is a slightly smaller version of Mt. Everest (but no less treacherous when it snows), to try and beat the bus. Ugh. My next house isn’t even going to have a driveway!

Second, and after the bus pulled away and I was well on my way to work, I realized that Jack was literally wearing the clothes he slept in. Well, the shorts anyway. And instead of a nice collared shirt, I believe what he was wearing was a neon green t-shirt that had a giant hamster with laser eyes shooting a city down on it.

I didn’t have the extra hour to spare on a round trip home to get him the proper clothes and go to the school and back to work. Really. I’m telling the truth!

Jack hopped off the bus just a few minutes ago after a long day, and I searched his face for signs of resentment. None to be found.

Jack: (said with glee) Hey Mom! Guess what?? I made the squawk heard ’round the world today at our concert!

me: Oh boy, I guess that can happen at any time if you hit the wrong note, huh?

Jack: No! I accidentally yawned into my saxophone while the chorus was singing!

me: Awww Jack!

Jack: It was awesome. Then Mrs. E took my sax away.

me: Sigh.