See you in November!

I have a couple of trips planned for October, and before I know it, I’ll be preparing for Thanksgiving. Thankfully I get back in time for Halloween, probably my favorite holiday. We’ve already decorated the house, and this little ghoul helped quite a bit!

Since I’m going to be gone a lot this month, I decided to ask Jack what he thought about the whole thing.

me: Do you think you’ll miss me when I’m gone?

Jack: Not really. Well, yeah…

me: Not really?? (I feign horror)

Jack: If I’m having a good time and lots of fun things are happening, then I won’t miss you. If I’m bored, then I’ll miss you.

me: Well then we’ll have to tell Daddy to plan lots of fun things, okay?

Jack: Okay. But even if I’m having fun, sometimes I’ll just miss you anyway.

me: I’ll be back before you know it. We’ll say lots of goodbyes.

Jack: You know what will help?

me: What?

Jack: If you yell at me a lot before you leave, then I won’t miss you as much. (he then cracks up laughing at his own joke)

me: Nice.