2nd Report Card of 2nd Grade

Hmmm. I still haven’t quite figured out how to read these report cards. They used to do “S” and “N” in my day. When they carved report cards in stone, remember?  S was for Satisfactory and N was for… Non. I would always ALWAYS get an N in self control. Then in the notes they would write “…blah blah…lacks self control”. It sounds like I peed myself all day or something. Wait, actually in 2nd grade I DID pee myself. But that was because Mrs. Mazafarrow would not let me get UP when I said I had to PEE. And Yes I still remember your name. Are you dead? (Okay I didn’t mean that to be mean. Mean that meanly. Whatever. That’s just a quote from the Smurfs movie. And its funny.)

So, where was I. Well now I have to pee. Sigh. Okay…so the report cards now have 17 different ways you can be graded. In 2nd grade mind you. This is in CT of course. Not sure if we’re the only weird ones out there, or if this is standard all around. On this report card, for basic things like art, gym, music, math, reading, social skills, etc, you will see “grades” such as these:

PreE – Pre-Emergent

Em – Emergent

Dev – Developing

Beg – Beginning

Tran – Transitional

EarlyFl – Early Fluent

Fl – Fluent

M – Meets benchmark

P – Partially meets

NY – Not yet meeting

V – Very good

S – Satisfactory

N – Needs improvement

4 – Meets grade level independently

3 – Meets grade level with guidance

2 – Progressing towards meeting grade level standard with guidance and wtf

1 – Not yet able to produce required grade level work with or without guidance WTFFF

OH, and N/A – Not assessed at this time.


SO, after I flip back and forth like 800 times from the front of the card where the grades are to the back of the card where the excel spreadsheet of letters, numbers and phrases are housed, and with multiple papercuts and lots of swears (cuz I swear a lot) I can then just begin to see that Jack is doing ok. Sheesh.

He did go down in one or two things from the first report card to the second. I’m not sure how far down he went because the flipping back and forth was at a frenzy at that point. So I just asked him to tell me about it.

me: Hey Jack, how come you have a lower grade on “works neatly” this time. You had a “very good” last time.

Jack: What do I have now?

me: (sigh, flip) Uh, you have an “S”

Jack: What’s that mean?

me: Satisfactory.

Jack: What’s Satisfactory mean?

me: That your work is acceptable and ok.

Jack: (raises an eyebrow) And acceptable is good right?

me: It’s…well…you went down…so last time you had “very good” and …it’s an “S” now… so…

Jack: I think Satisfactory is a good place to be in 2nd grade don’t you?

me: Yeah (I hang my head a little sheepishly) But you were trying much harder maybe at the beginning of the year, so maybe you can try harder for next time?

Jack: My teacher was less cranky at the beginning of the year too. Did ya ever think of that? She said we drove her completely NUTS today.

me: Ah…


The hundred and one-th day of school

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me: Hey, I didn’t realize today was the hundredth day of school…

Jack: Yeah, we did a fun packet of stuff and tomorrow is the celebration.

me: How come it’s not today?

Jack: I don’t know, they decided to do it on the hundred and one-th day of school…

me: Haha, one hundred and first.

Jack: (gives me an evil eye) When you correct me, that just SUCKS…(dramatic pause) my thumb!

me: (paused ready to reprimand) Hahahahaaaa! Okay Jack, you’re quick. But still, not a good word and I don’t like it. Clever though…

Jack: I’m your clever boy. Will you still be alive when I move into my first house?

me: I sure hope so.

Jack: (panic look)

me: I mean, of course!

Jack: I drew a picture in school of what I’ll look like when I’m 100. But I think it’s more what you’ll look like.

me: Totally flattering. Sheesh. But I have a crown on?

Jack: No that’s your old hair.

me: Sigh.

Jack: There’s one more paper I did in case I become president.

me: Okay, let’s see it.

Jack: I’ll read it! If I were president I would make sure people didn’t use land fills. This is important because it would keep the earth clean. I would go on TV and tell everybody not to use land fills. I could also travel around the world and tell everybody.

me: Wow, nice writing. But, no landfills? Where would the garbage go?

Jack: How the heck should I know. I’m not president yet. That’s Obama’s problem.


1 thing that’s worse than a Spanish movie about dogsledding…

me: What did you do in school today? Gym?

Jack: No, we had music today…

me: Do anything fun in music?

Jack: Kinda…we watched a movie called the Magic Flute.

me: Cool! That must have been a nice break from all your hard work.

Jack: Wellll, it’s all in German AND it’s opera. Who would put those things together? I can’t understand either one!

me: Hmmm, Germans that like opera?

Jack: You have to be tri-languagell to even understand it!

me: Wow, tri-languagell…that’s more than bilingual.

Jack: I know! When I was with Dad we saw this Spanish movie about dog sledding. THIS movie was WAYYY worse than that. Sheesh.

I’m pretty sure that Jack saw the cartoon version of this movie, but as I looked for an image to put with this post, I found the shot at the top, which shows the movie version of the Magic Flute, and that it’s a Kenneth Branagh film. And I LOVE Kenneth Branagh. Ever see him play Shacketon? OMG, BRILLIANT performance that still gives me goosebumps … and not because it’s set in Antarctica. That mini series is a must-see. And I think I’m going to check out Netflix for the Magic Flute now!

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Musings of an almost 7 year old…

Jack: Things were easier when I was little…

me: Yeah? When you were 2?

Jack: I guess. I didn’t get all crazy about school and homework and stuff.

me: That’s because you didn’t have any.

Jack: Oh yeah! But then I got school, and homework, and gym and reading bags and music…sigh…

me: When you get older you have more things to think about and do.

Jack: How come the more things I have, the worse my life gets? I can’t wait to be a grown up and have no stress!


One-liner of the day

Kind of a one-liner rant. Jack and I were on the way to movie night at his school.

Jack: Well if we get there and my friends aren’t there yet or if you make me sit down when everyone else is running OR if the projector breaks and there are no good snacks and we don’t win the raffle, then I’m saying right now that this is a WASTE OF A CAR RIDE!!

Btw, ALL of those things happened.


Not really loving gym class

Jack: I tasted blood today in gym. Or P.E. as I like to call it.

me: You’re a funny kid you know that? Blood again huh?

Jack: After running 50 laps around the gym you’d taste blood too.

me: Yeah, 50 is a lot. You sure it was 50?

Jack: Of course I’m sure…I’m great at math!!

me: Oh, well, maybe you could ask your gym teacher to cut it back to 40 laps or something?

Jack: He doesn’t even listen to us! Even if I called him on the phone he wouldn’t listen! What am I supposed to do, dial his number and say “congratulations you’re an idiot”?

me: Heyyyyy! Don’t get crazy here…

Jack: See what I mean? It’s just craaaazy in gym. Now you understand me.

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I’m feeling a little sick…

Jack has been feeling funny all weekend. A minor stomach bug perhaps? He was tired, took a nap in the car which is unheard of, ate very little…yeah based on that last one I would say he’s got something. Now I’m starting to feel funny. Uh oh.

Jack: I was nauseous all day Mommy.

me: Aww, that stinks…

Jack: I had to keep the trash can next to me just in case.

me: Did you throw up?

Jack: No, but I really wanted to. I even went to the nurse but she said I was fine. Why does she always say that?

me: Well one thought is that you had to use the word “always”…

Jack: I don’t even know what that means! And she used a thermometer right under my ACTUAL tongue! Everyone knows it’s supposed to beep across your forehead! Sheesh, it’s like you’re both from the olden days or something!!


Happy Thanksgiving! Who’s thankful for sunsets? Not Jack.

View from my front door


That’s kind of a theme I’ve found on blog posts recently. A LOT of people are thankful for sunsets. Because they’re beautiful, or because it means the kids might be asleep soon? Or both? Hmmm…

me: Wow, check out the amazing sunset!

Jack: Eh.

me: You can look away from Sponge Bob for thirty seconds you know.

Jack: (glances over his shoulder) Wow.

me: Heartfelt. Truly.

Jack: I don’t like sunsets. They bring me closer to school.

Sunset from the back deck.


In the spirit of giving and sharing and all that, I’ve decided to link up to some blogs with amazing sunset photos, and then show some of my own favorites. Just because.

1. Marcelle Calder Photography (Very good sunset photo! Well, they better have good photos…”photography” is in the title!)

2. Sunday Best (First of all, how stinking cute are they! Read the “Where in the World” tab. We’ll have to talk about that Russia trip one day…)

3. Whatever – The Nourishment is Palatable (Interesting blog, cool sunset!)

4. Tuesdays in Templeton (I just found a “no bake” pumpkin pie recipe on her “Tuesday Fan Recipe” sidebar. YUM! Plus she’s a MASShole like me, or so I assume she is because she’s from Mass. Hmm.)

5. Claire Olinik – A journey in pictures (A girl starting a new chapter in her life, and documenting it with photos. Good luck to her!)

Sunset in Wellfleet, Mass. "The Cape!"
The Cape
This was taken in Florida. Near Boca Raton. The sun is starting to go down...
...and now it's almost down...