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Flashback to 2011


This photo will make sense once you click the link below. 😉


I’m tired and the blog post I want to write will take too long. I’m feeling very lazy today but still want to send out something funny. 🙂

I read some posts from back in the day and this one cracked me up. It’s funny how much has changed in the last 8 years (our household, Jack growing up, Stripey), and how much has stayed the same (the backtalk, and the backtalk).

I hope you like this flashback to 2011. Jack was a cutie and very advanced for his six years. Don’tcha think?

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It’s almost ‘Sh*t My 14-Year-Old Says’ time


I cannot be the mother of a 14-year-old. I just cannot. But I guess I can’t stop it from happening. I better just get ready and accept it. Hence the NEW blog design. Ta-daaaa! I wanted to unveil it for Jack’s birthday in January, but I’m bored, and Jack is in NYC with his dad, and well I got to playing around… and this is what happens when I have free time. I create something!

I’ll update the photo and the header, naturally, when Jack turns 14. This was the only photo I felt comfortable adding to the header without giving Jack editorial approval. Otherwise, sheesh, the roof would blow off this house if I posted something unapproved.

Remember when I could post anything and show any photo because I was the BOSS of Jack? I’m still the boss, but these kids get so darn “mouthy” and “opinionated” lol. So yeah, no more random cute photos without approval. No funny stories without approval. No new blog designs with new photos… you get the idea.

I hope you all like this layout, it’s much cleaner and I should have done this years ago, but being a single mom, and a full-time worker, and a rescuer of multiple animals, and a home owner, kinda makes my free time next to nil. I’m lucky I can even post once or twice a month these days. I want to post more. Really. But with all the restrictions placed on the content (by Jack) and the lack of conversational time we have together (because Jack is plugged into some device) I simply don’t get the relevant content needed to produce a lot of “sh*t”. But there are gems that fall in-between those times. So, until I completely run out of material, or am completely forbidden to document it, I will continue to produce the sh*t you are accustomed to reading.

That does not sound flattering to me at all.

But I know you understand, because you are a great loyal reader of this sh*t and it must make you smile at least a little bit.

me: (via text to Jack) I’m upgrading the design on your blog. Can I put a pic of you not facing camera on it? Shows backpack.

Jack: Lemme see.

me: (sending pic) Here.

Jack: Yeah that’s fine.

me: Do you like the design?

Jack: Ya.

(hmmm, this is easier than I thought… he’s maturing!!)

me: What are you doing right now?

Jack: Playin fortnite with Alex.

Alex lives a few houses down from us. Jack goes to NYC to play a game online with him. Weird right? 😉

me: Ok don’t play too long and get some sleep. Goodnight.




me: And here is the part where you say Goodnight and I love you back.

Jack: Goodnight.

me: Sigh.

So, there you have it. Working on the maturity. 🙂


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If I had only planned ahead with this blogging thing…

I would have picked a name that didn’t need yearly updating. Hellooooo!!! More work for me! Could I possibly have something MORE to do in my free (hahahaha) time? And now, you lucky dogs, you’ll get some free press. From me. Thank you.

So, had I been smart, I might have grabbed “shit my kid says” (Already taken. This kid is 5.) …which leads one over to “shit my kids ruined” (hahahaha) or “shit my boy says” (Which is a Facebook page, and a damn funny one at that, but I didn’t want to step on toes with my blog) …oh and maybe avoid “shit my boyfriend says” (Unless you don’t mind hitting the “I’m okay with adult content” button) ohhhh actually there are two “shit my boyfriend says” blogs…ones a Tumblr…OR “shit my little shit says” (Damn, wait! This one is open people! Grab it!)

See? I just went for the age and the shit, and it had a little je ne sais quoi about it. N’est-ce pas?

Yes, therefore in about a month I will be updating my blog to shit my 7 year old says. I have a landing page up there. Eh. Maybe I’ll just change the header on this page and cross out the 6 and put a 7, whilst leaving the blog as shit my 6 year old says. Don’t want to lose my followers. That’s what happened when I went from 5 to 6. People get comfortable with a follow and don’t want to be hassled to RSS or email that sh*t up again. I understand. Completely!

What do you all think?

Anyway, (deep breath) after missing the school bus, driving Jack to school, going to work, working out at lunch, going home to meet the bus again, driving to get our Christmas tree, coming home and putting UP the tree, LIGHTING it, watering it and skirting it and such, making dinner, feeding the cats and then going to Tae Kwon Do and then putting Jack to bed and writing the above random mess…I hear the pitter patter of little feet coming down the stairs.

me: Heyyyy, what’s going on?

Jack: I’m scared?

me: Why? Come on let’s go back up to bed.

Jack: I’m scared of my shots when I turn 7 next month! And the finger prick!

me: Remember we talked about this? I won’t let them do the finger prick if you’re going to freak out. I promised you.

Jack: But you’ll forget!

me: Won’t you remind me? I won’t let them hurt you.

Jack: Promise!

me: Pinky swear promise.

Jack: And we can leave if they try?

me: Definitely. We’ll say no thank you, and we’ll walk out.

Jack: There’s no way you’re gonna remember that. You better write a note for yourself.

me: Thanks.