Sandals, DJs, Airplanes, some Russian…Have you missed us?

Okay, some of you yes, some of you no. Hopefully most of you HAVE missed us! You know Jack has still been saying his usual sh*t, but I’ve just neglected to write it down. It started with “oh yeah, remind me to write my blog later” and Jack says “Mom, write your blog later”, and I’m like “No, TELL me later” and he’s all “remind me to tell you”. Sigh. That’s my boy. Then I forgot and went to bed. It happens. The next day (wait how many days have I missed??) I had some very wonderful plans and the night flew by and I made the conscious decision to not blog. I believe “F that” was the exact phrase. You don’t stop a good time to blog. SorrEE. Then last night I was out (can you tell it was a weekend sans Jack? Sigh…still hard to get used to that so I fill my time up…I’ll have to dig into that at a later time.) at a DJ show at Mohegan Sun and danced for like 14 hours. My sandals rocked btw! No blisters!


Okay, so I just got interrupted by an email from my brother who’s in Russia right now, so I just Skyped with them. See how my life goes??? Whew.

Anyways, where was I? I just had to switch to Russian there for a few minutes. Ow. Brain hurt. Here’s a quick pic from today in St. Petersburg. Near the Allegro Hotel. Awesome Restaurant downstairs which is where they are eating right now…


Oh yes, the blog. Jack. He’ll be back home in a few hours.

I can hear a clock ticking somewhere right now. When Jack’s home, you can’t hear clocks tick. That boy makes a lot of noise. And it’s very strange when he’s not here. But he’s having fun with his dad hopefully.

Jack: I like having a chauffeur. (I could not spell that for the life of me. Sigh.)

me: Who’s a chauffeur?

Jack: You, when you take me to dad’s. It’s like I’m going on a vacation.

me: Hmmmm… and I carry your luggage…

Jack: Can this be a plane instead?

me: Sure.

Jack: Take off up that hill.

me: Roger that. (then someone cuts out and I have to swerve violently to miss getting hit)

Jack: (Jack flops to one side) Hey! Watch it lady! And that’s why they don’t make women pilots!


Russia – Day 5 – Kremlin Cathedrals

(That’s “Batty”…he is a friend of Jack’s who joined me on my trip!)

Privyet! Hi!
We saw the Kremlin on our first day in Moscow but yesterday (remember to use that term loosely because it’s Sunday now!) we went inside the walls. Oooohhhh…I didn’t realize how much more security they had there. Metal detectors, bag searches, etc. Going through customs was actually easier…they just kept asking me to smile because of my passport photo. Plus it was 10 years ago so i looked a tad different. The officer was confused…you could tell. 

Inside the Kremlin walls we saw the armory, the giant bell (not it’s official name), the bell tower, some more churches and then we went to a big art museum in the center of Moscow. Name to be inserted here later! Lots of amazing portraits and landscapes plus a huge showing of religious icons. The gift shop had just closed so I wasn’t able to buy any souvenirs. 😦


I missed Jack’s 7am skype (3pm here) because the wifi situation at the cafe didn’t want to cooperate. Sigh. Very depressing. I had to wait 9 more hours to talk with him at midnight Moscow time. He cried a lot, then I did. I could have easily gone right to the airport to fly home. Sighhhhhhhh. He’s still confused as to why I would go so far away and not take him with me. I know I’ll be home on Friday but it seems a long way off right now. 

The weather has been very kind to us because this is supposedly when it rains a lot in Moscow. So far it’s only rained at night. The days have been sunny and cool. It does get cold at night but only low 40s as far as I can tell. 

Jack: After this trip you’re not allowed to go away again.
Me: I know…
Jack: Ever. I’m hiding your passport.


A Russian twist on the English tongue twister: Koshka, Kroshka, Kartoshka, Matryoska

When translated literally it’s a bit embarassing: Cat, Small, Potato and those little nestled dolls they make over here. But in Russian…well now, you’ve got some mouth work to do! We saw a sign for Kroshka Kartoshka, which are small potatoes…(Roll your R’s people…RRRRRR) and then we found a few other words that rhymed. We sort of all sang it as we walked around Red Square and Lenin’s tomb and all that.

We literally walked from 10 in the morning, until 11 at night. Small breaks for lunch (“Philadelphia roll” wrap, with salmon, cream cheese and lettuce yum!) and dinner (sushi, beer…yummER!) FYI the mother of a wi-fi connection just blew and I lost my entire post. Sigh. My drafts did not save everything I wrote, so I’m recreating. Isn’t life grand?

Hand towels shaped like egg rolls. We were so hungry we almost didn't notice!

I skyped with Jack a little while ago and he was a bit sad. I could tell. Though what he said was “Can I hang up now so I can go do something FUN!!??” He’s so depressed, he’s delirious! Can’t you tell?? sigh.

We saw all of the famous Cathedrals and churches, well not all of them because there are hundreds, but all of them that count. Do you want pictures? Repeat after me: Ya hatchu photograph. I think that’s pretty close.

Here’s a good picture of Red Square (the one at the top is St. Basil’s Cathedral):

So today we also saw tons and tons of boots. All shapes and sizes. They were all high-heeled, sparkling clean and each pair was more spectacular than the last. These people realy LOVE their boots. The more Prada the better. I always say.

I’m a bit caffeinated. Just a wee bit. There is nothing decaf in this entire city. So I may be up for another day or two, seeing as it’s 12:50 a.m. and I’m just getting warmed up. Remind me to tell you about the subway incident. Punchline: I got to keep my entire leg. How kind of them! Grrrr… We’ll laugh someday.

Another couple of photos. Takes like an hour to upload each one, so I can’t post all that I had hoped: