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Happy New Year! And no …we don’t have cable…

Yeah, so…we haven’t had cable for maybe 5 years. It hasn’t been a problem at all… Until tonight.  
I’ve rigged up a digital antenna whenever I need to watch something “live”, like the superbowl, or World Cup or like a debate or something. No biggie. The rest of the time we watch Netflix. Or rent movies on Apple TV.

But tonight, two of Jack’s friends are sleeping over and I just pulled them away from their Star Wars marathon to come watch the countdown. Live. On TV.

me: 38 minutes guys! Wanna watch? 

Jack: Do you have it on the right channel?

me: Not yet. Hold on the signal is wigging out. Stop moving. 

I literally have to go adjust the digital rabbit ears in the window. Jack’s friends watch with horrified and confused looks on their faces.

Friend 1: Is that thing making the TV work? In the window???

me: Uhhh, we don’t have cable, so this is how we get channels.

Jack: It only works if I stand over here right Mom?

me: Uhhh. (Slightly embarrassed) Heh heh. (I keep adjusting)

Friend 2: Is this like the olden days kind of TV?

me: No, it’s a real TV but we pay nothing for cable… That’s all. Oh crap the signal stinks. Sigh. (I laugh self consciously) Ummm this is how we have to get local channels, that’s all. (Adjust, adjust)

Jack: Is this the ball dropping? It doesn’t look like Times Square! Who’s that???

me: It’s Pit Bull, so it’s probably Miami. Sigh. I don’t know. 

Jack: It’s just guys rapping! Can’t we watch New York??

Friend 1: Yeah that’s not the ball dropping. Let’s go watch illuminati videos on my phone til midnight.

me: Sigh.


May 2016 be filled with all the channels you can handle!!

And yeah, all 3 boys just saw this and said WHAT????


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Walk more!

People in my town don’t walk anywhere. They drive. Or possibly jog. Maybe they hook their bikes onto their bike rack on the car hitch and drive to a nice trail. But no one is hardly EVER out walking; occasional senior or dog walker aside. And definitely not with their kids. And definitely not to a store or place that serves food! Such as Dunkin’ Donuts, where Jack, his friend and I were headed. And we were walking!

I make Jack and his friends take a walk with us the morning after a sleepover. It’s been dubbed “The Forced March” by some of his friends. Some don’t want to come back for sleepovers. But those that do seem to enjoy it.

I give a dollar to the kid that finds the best treasure. Treasures have to be the property of no one and something worthy of keeping. Like a golf ball or quarter, or even a cell phone (which we found once). A dollar goes to the kid with the best behavior. And we generally have lots of fun. People driving by either smile or look at us like we’re insane.

After 2 minutes of walking, both kids had their winter coats off (it was cold when we left and now of course they complained that they were HOT) and of course I was carrying them. Ugh! I started to overheat.

Today we saw a turkey vulture, an eagle, and saved a very friendly dog from being hit by a car.  Jack brought his GoPro camera and he and his friend walked and shot videos, while dodging cars and balancing on fences.

We passed a yard that had free stuff at the curb and the boys dove in. They came out of the pile with 2 golf clubs each. Score! We had been looking for a putter yesterday. Good timing. They proceeded to yell FORE and whack acorns for the next mile or so until we crossed the main road and our target was in sight. And typical…I was now also carrying the tripod and GoPro camera!

In Dunkin Donuts Jack set the camera up on the table and got lots of looks and comments. Took us about 40 minutes to get there what with the multiple circle backs to see if the rock they smashed was still in one piece, or if the shiny thing they just stepped on was a gum wrapper or a coin. 🙂 Customers asked us if we were filming a movie or if the camera had something to do with sports.

I enjoyed the attention as always and I liked that the kids were having fun and getting exercise and also spending time with me.

And, as I always do when I have some of Jack’s friends with me, I enjoyed the fact that people assume they’re all my kids. I yell at them all the same if they misbehave, and treat them as if they were my own. Sorry parents! 😉  I think I would have enjoyed two or three kids but it just wasn’t in the cards. Hellooo 47th birthday that just passed. Oh and helllooooo lack of a boyfriend. Certain things kind of need to be in place when you want a bigger family. Sooooo….

Jack: I’m going to do some putts when we get inside.

me: No, you’re not bringing those in…lean em against the wall by the door.

Jack: Awwww.

me: And don’t get me in any of your videos. (gah!)

Jack: Well we can film some guy stuffing a bagel in his face and then make fun of him!

me: Uh, noooo? No pointing the camera at strangers. If they walk by its o.k., but don’t say anything about them.

Jack: Awwwwww!!!!

me: And by the way, when we leave, I’m leaving the coats here and I’ll have to drive back and get them, this is ridiculous … I’m not carrying all this stuff…

(I coerced the cashier to stow them in the back until I returned.)

Jack: (as we were leaving) But now I’m cold! I need my coat!

me: Not happening. You’ll warm up. Walk faster.

We passed by the golf clubs again and the boys grabbed more stuff. Now I was holding the tripod and an occasional golf club. Sigh. We sort of looked like hobos.

Jack: This was so awesome! I love walking and finding stuff.

Friend: My foot is rubbed raw so I’m going to stop at my house. Can you walk home and get my stuff and then drive to pick up our coats and THEN come get us???

Jack: Yeah my toe is sore.

me: Sheesh. It was only 4 miles….

Jack: Yeah but we’re young and you could use the exercise so you can add more steps to your Fitbit!

Said like he was doing me a favor. 🙂

We then had a fun afternoon of mini golf, laser tag, praying mantis watching and apple picking! 16,749 steps today yo!!!