I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

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Socially acceptable to stalk

Everyone! That means you. If you’re looking to get your daily dose of Jack’s sh*t, follow me on Instagram @debinort. I realize I only post here maybe once a week these days, but I’m instagramming multiple times a day usually.  

So, just in case you were missing any of the stories or want a real time glimpse…head over there!

The photo on this post is also on Instagram, just to give you an idea. 🙂

This was the opening line of Jack’s call to his dad today.

Jack: Hey, yeah, so how many kills did you make? (Pause) Cool!!


See you on some other social channels hopefully!



Whatever, I use a lot of hashtags on my instagram posts. Don’t you all? #menotcaring @debinort

However, Jack cares. Really cares! Like, really. And he tells me each time he looks at my posts. #whydoyoucare

He always says no one cares, I shouldn’t use any hashtags, I should get more followers, I’m too needy, etc etc… #ponderingit #yourenotthebossofme

Tonight he wanted to look at my posts. I LIKE my posts (follow me! @debinort) 🙂 Hopefully you’ll like my posts too! #youreallylikeme 

As he started thumbing through the lineup of pics… well… I knew what was coming… #foreshadowing

Jack: Mom, really? 8 hashtags? Hashtag nature, hashtag trees, hashtag cloudscape, what even is that??? No one cares!

me: I like them. And it’s how people FIND me… otherwise how would people even know my photos are there?

Jack: Get more followers.

me: They don’t just magically appear.

Jack: Get more friends.

me: #gettingannoyed

Jack: Really? Hashtag famfamfam? Hashtag filmaddict? Unneccessary!

me: Oy…  #nowwhat

Jack: (scrolls to a photo of him in bed on vacation looking at his iPod) Hashtag 12-year-old-boy-style? No one looks THAT up!!

We both pause.

Jack: Except 30-year-old creepy men who live in basements.

me: I was just thinking that very thing. Sorry. (I start petting his hair) Please unlearn that…  #thingsmomshatetosee

Jack: Stop petting me.

me: You’re my therapy dog. #stayababyforever

You can see the pic for yourself! Yeah I guess I can tone down the hashtags. 

#jk #igottabeme