For a minute there I forgot who I was talking to

Sometimes I have to really look at Jack to make sure he’s still 6. Like I’ve said before, there’s an older man inside that boy.

me: How was school?

Jack: Same as always. I had a good day, but then it went down to a bit bad.

me: What happened?

Jack: It totally wasn’t my fault, because as you know I try my very hardest and sometimes it’s the substitute teacher’s fault because she really doesn’t know me very well.

me: You still have to behave you know, even for a substitute.

Jack: But I got in trouble in the lunch room, not in my class.

me: Then why are you talking about your substitute teacher?

Jack: You asked.

me: (pause, thinking) Huh? What happened in the lunch room?

Jack: It was just a water bottle incident. I totally like did not want to mess around and get in trouble so I GENTLY rolled my water bottle to my friend and it fell off the table and rolled across the floor. I did everything I could to stop that from happening. It was really too bad that it happened like that. (Eddie Haskel anyone?)

me: Well, either way, please stop rolling your water bottle. Now let’s get ready for your Tae Kwon Do class.

Jack: I was thinking, because of this whole “incident” and the fact that I’m so stressed out, I just…sigh…have to rest today and I think I would like to make up the class tomorrow. (Bambi eyes).

me: Uh, well, okay, but you’re making up the class for sure. I’m not messing around with hearing you complain tomorrow about how you don’t want to go. I’m giving you a break today, remember that.

Jack: That’s because you’re the best mom in the world. (kisses my hand until I yell at him to knock it off).

me: Okay okay, I get it. Now you can go read and relax.

Jack: Yes, another stressful day is over and I just need to sit and read for awhile.

me: Sheesh… Who are you?