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6th Grade Stressed 

me: Guess what?

Jack: What?

me: I love you. (I’ve been saying this since he was about 3 haha.)

Jack : I KNOW Mom, you always say that.

me: Ok I was actually gonna say… We have FREE chair massages at work and unsigned up! I’m so excited! 

Jack: Like, a professional massage??

me: Yeah, sooooo relaxing! Ahhhh…

Jack: Awwww that’s no fair! We need massages in 6th grade. Our tiny minds work way too hard. They should totally do that.

me: You have that much stress?? How?

Jack: Mom, we change classes 7 times a day! We have HOMEWORK! We have to take TESTS!! There’s only 4 minutes between classes!! That’s stressful!!!

me: Gotcha. So, tiny minds huh? Haha.

Jack: Yeah they’re tiny and stressed. Sighhhh….

(The photo is Jack last night right before the winter concert at school. He’s in year 3 of alto sax and still likes it!)

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Musings of an almost 7 year old…

Jack: Things were easier when I was little…

me: Yeah? When you were 2?

Jack: I guess. I didn’t get all crazy about school and homework and stuff.

me: That’s because you didn’t have any.

Jack: Oh yeah! But then I got school, and homework, and gym and reading bags and music…sigh…

me: When you get older you have more things to think about and do.

Jack: How come the more things I have, the worse my life gets? I can’t wait to be a grown up and have no stress!