Russia – Day 10 part 2 – Moscow Zoo

Be Careful! Osta Roszna!

We never made it to that tower. So we went to the zoo! It’s called Zoopark, which is pronounced ZaPark, which is kinda funny because there is a park near my brother’s house called Szot Park, and THAT is kind of a joke with Jack (stay with me) beCAUSE when he talks to my dad he always says “Szot Park!!” And they laugh. And stuff.

ANYway the zoo wasn’t very crowded and it was getting late so we didn’t have a ton of time. Have you ever seen the San Fancisco zoo? This was like that, but less happy. Joke. SF zoo is depressing.

Jack sent me an email that said “Run, the aliens are attacking!!” And that was it. Hmmm.

I’m in the hotel room now, typing this, and I totally saw this same movie last night. Maybe they only have one? this girl should totally not trust the ghost looking boy because he’s ploha. Bad. Yep I remember…

Okay for food we ate some traditional Russian fish dish “Moscow style” with cheese, salmon, whitefish, potatoes and onions in a skillet. Plus meat dumplings and skolyka soup. I’m sure I spelled that wrong. Then we had tiramisu, hot cocoa (pronounced Kakow) and waddled back to the subway and back to the room. I don’t think we have room for dinner. Everyone thinks I’m in here working out, hahahaaa! Good one!!