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Subaru Confessions – sort of part 6, sort of summer issue

Oh boy, summer is just about over. I have a new 3rd grader in the house as of this morning. Holy @#$! Jack was sooo excited to go to third grade. I was glad I didn’t have any drama. Jack also is embracing his new “style” based on his new favorite show. Disney’s “Kickin’ It”, which is martial arts based, and pretty damn funny if you ask me. The lead character’s name is Jack. My Jack is smitten. Check out the photos. See any resemblance? Aside from the fact that MY Jack is like 7 years younger. Time flies…

And here are a few things that I heard in the car this week. The rest I’ve blocked out. For various reasons.


me: I’m pulling over because I have to let this ambulance go by.

Jack: They only go that fast because they’re going to get coffee. From Dunkin’ Donuts. Obviously.


Jack: Can I eat this slimy thing?

me: What is it?

Jack: I don’t know.

me: Sure go ahead.

Jack: Cool!


me: Get your foot back in the car! Roll up the window. Come on!

Jack: You take the fun out of driving. Most BOOOORRRRing mom ever.


Jack: Can I use your iPhone?

me: No.

Jack: Did you bring the iPad?

me: Nope. It’s at home.

Jack: Where’s my DS?

me: Where’d you leave it?

Jack: Sighhhh. It’s not entertaining if I don’t have my technology!


me: Here take a tissue, that sounds horrible. Blow!

Jack: Okay.

me: Need another?

Jack: Yeah.

me: Does that feel better? Can I have the tissues please?

Jack: Oh, I’m just hiding them where I hide them in Dad’s car. Wait til he finds THAT stash.


Jack: Can I wear my suit when I get home?

me: Uhhh, why?

Jack: Just because.

me: Hmmm?

Jack: So I can take my jacket off and throw it.

me: Please explain…

Jack: You know what that means when someone takes off their jacket and throws it!?

me: No.

Jack: There’s gonna be a fight.