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The one missing ingredient

Jack and I are on vacation in The San Diego area after attending his cousin’s wedding this past Sunday. (So much fun!!!). We’re acclimating to the scenery (rocky hills) and the climate (dry sunny heat) and the available activities (not much at our resort aside from swimming or hiking or shopping or … that’s about it. Oh, or eating.)

However we did take a few day trips to the San Diego Safari Park and to the Carlsbad Pier and to Oceanside to see the beach and watch the sunset. Very low key. Today we saw a movie, “Yesterday” which we really liked. And now, we are chilling in the room reading and blogging!

Our meals have been really nice here even though the resort restaurant looks like it’s trapped in time (a much older time) they must have a really good chef. We’ve eaten at least one meal a day here and they’ve all been excellent. Fish tacos and shrimp Caesar salad, omelettes and French toast, baked cod and cob salad, etc. all extremely yummy and fresh. Jack had an amazing looking burger for lunch today.

Normally Jack eats cereal almost every day and drinks milk with most meals. We haven’t even had milk on this trip. It’s been iced tea, lemonade and coffee along with orange juice for breakfast.

I wanted to see if Jack realized that he hadn’t had a glass of milk in about a week.

me: Hey Jack… (obligatory wait for him to remove headphones)

Jack: Huh?

me: Guess what you haven’t had for at least a week?

Jack: Fun?


Sighhhhhh….This kid doesn’t miss a beat.

We DID have a lot of fun at the 400-foot high balloon ride over the safari park AND the 400-foot-high zip line over the endangered animal park. Simply frightening and breathtaking at the same time.

Anyway, back to reality tomorrow as we travel home. Happy summer!!!



Jack: Can I buy this thing for my game? It’s only $20…

me: $20?? What could possibly cost so much!?

Jack: It’s a character type thing.

me: I don’t know, Jack. That’s expensive…

Jack: It’s my money! I should be able to use it how I want.

me: Explain what it is and why it’s so important.

Jack: (pauses) Well it’s… this tomato headed guy that wears a pizza backpack and you can throw pizzas as weapons.

me: Pizza backpack.

Jack: Yeah.

me: Tomato head.

Jack: Yesss. (He does a little hop of anticipation)

me: A tomato headed guy that throws pizzas is important?

Jack: Very.

me: Sigh.


Fourth of July Fatty

Jack: Wait, you bought a cake?

(As incredulous as this may seem…think – no sugar, I like to bake…yes I bought a tiny single layer chocolate cake with fluorescent red, white and blue “light” frosting. Because it felt festive, and because Jack and I weren’t going to any cookouts or having people over or even going to see fireworks. I had to do something.)

me: Yes, a cake.

Jack: Oh baby, I get two pieces!

me. After we eat real food first. 

(Sidebar: could you hear me yelling for Bella to get off the counter and stop licking the steak??? Dammit!)

Jack: Real food like hotdogs!

me: Of course!

So we ate hotdogs with sauerkraut and mustard the way nature intended, and Jack declared Sabretts to be superior to Nathan’s, and we had grilled zucchini, steak, and only a bite of potato salad because seriously we needed to save room for the cake!

Jack: Where’s the official cake cutter for the momentous occasion??

me: Here you go. Hey! Make it a slice sized slice… Not the entire cake. Sheesh. See my piece? Normal sized…

Jack: Whoa this is gooood!

me: Not bad… Haha look at your blue lips and tongue!

Jack: The red blobbys taste like strawberry!

me: They do?

He looks over at my empty plate.

Jack: Geez, savor it much??

Then he mimics me shoving the entire cake in my face with both hands while making the appropriate grunting smacking noises.

me: My piece was smaller wise guy…

Jack: I bet you didn’t even taste it!

me: Sigh… 

Last night we went to a carnival which was a lot of fun. Jack wasn’t allowed to have cotton candy because he had a giant ice cream cone earlier! So much for no sugar…

Jack: You wouldn’t let me get cotton candy, which I have only once a year, but you let me get this “fresh squeezed” lemonade which they dumped a big pile of sugar into. I bet the cotton candy has less sugar! Did Ya ever think of that?

me… Sigh… No…



Ready for Ft. Lauderdale

Jack and I are at the airport… It’s a great tiny airport in Westchester that has one baggage carousel. They don’t make you take your shoes off or take anything out of your bag in security. There are no lines. There are like two people in the security line. You hardly feel like you’re at an airport. 


They have announcements. And BOY, what announcements they make over the two crackly speakers! Picture this… There are only two counters… Jet Blue and Delta. There are two security guards leaning against the wall. No lines to check your bags. But here’s what we heard in the twenty minutes we waited to board…or at least my version of it…

me: (mocking the announcement lady’s voice) We are now boarding the diamond platinum special premium explorers club with the sparkly silver bronze gold card, if you would kindly step up to the premium diamond gold window counter you’ll be ready to board immediately or at any time you wish throughout the premium boarding process.

Jack: (laughing) IT’S SO NOT WORTH IT PEOPLE!

me: For our premium service gold special members that are way more special than you, we have the platinum seating with sparklers that gives you extra leg room and a more comfortable flight during which you can review the gold plated status points that you’ve collected which are redeemable at any gold counter. Enjoy the extra legroom and premium sapphire reclining seats. 


At this point I start cracking up and then we’re both laughing while people in the premium special sapphire line give us dirty looks and hurry to review the extra charges on their receipts. 

Okay now…