So, a skeleton walks into a bar and asks for a drink and a mop


Get it?

A comment from one of my readers sent me back to an old post and I started to reminisce and read stuff from 2010, which led me to THIS post. It’s pretty funny to go back and read all of the crazy things that went on with a 5 year old. And 6. And 7. I’m surprised I’m still writing. Albeit, less frequently. But here I am!

Jack was and still is a funny guy. Today we went to Jack’s new camp. He’s doing two week intervals between outdoor nature camp and indoor gymnastics camp. I have to say, with this weather, I’m glad he’s indoors. It’s sickeningly hot out there!

Jack: Oh yeah it’s my first day at gymnastics camp! I forgot!

me: Yeah, you’ll do this for two weeks and see how you like it. Then back to the outdoor camp.

Jack: (Looks around horrified.) Mommm …(tug tug) these are all little GIRLS!!

me: Um, hold on, let’s ask. Excuse me, are there any other boys in camp?

Lady: Oh yes! Though they might not be in Jack’s group…

Jack: (whimper)

me: It’s fiiine. Just wait and see how the day goes ok? I’m sure you’ll be with the boys doing boy stuff!

Jack: I do NOT want to be in a girl’s class!

me: I know, I know, but they have boy stuff too…

Lady: Ok Jack. Here’s your name tag. You’re in the PINK group this week!

Jack: (throws me a terrified look as I escape out the door)

me: Bye sweetie!

Ugh, I hope the day went well. No calls from camp so far!!! 🙂 I will let you know all about it in my next post!



Dreaming of Summer

It’s cold. The weather can’t decide what to do. Warm. Cold. Freezing. Nice. Windy. COLD. Snow. 70 degrees. I think this is the most inconsistent couple of months that I can remember as far as weather and temps go. But generally it’s cold. And I don’t like cold. I don’t like hot either, mind you. Can we just have lukewarm?

I want to go back to this:


Or this:



Right? I don’t want to shiver in my own house as I blog. (I know I can turn the heat up but that costs $$$). I don’t want to scrape ice off my windows and sand my stupidly long and steep driveway.

Okay I’m just ranting in general and this has nothing to do with anything Jack says. But here are two things he did say today…aside from the lovely tweets I sent out while Jack and I watched the game. Those were hysterical!

Jack: Hey, can we tape my vocal cords by sticking a recorder down my throat? That might help you with your fancy blog.

Oh and there was this:

Jack: Mom, you’re not ABstract, your DIStract. (wtf??)

Still loving this kid…