When caviar goes bad

We met some friends for dinner and Jack’s friend ordered a bento box that had a few different types of sushi in it. Including one giant avocado tower covered with Roe and caviar. Needless to say when he touched his fork to it, the tower fell over.

Friend: Awwwww my caviar!

Jack: First-world problem.


Contest! Name this post!

I don’t know what to call this blog post. Therefore I decided to have a contest! If you leave your title suggestion in the comments section, I will pick the best comment out of the bunch! If there is only one comment (mom) or (gasp) none, then the contest is null and void. No prize will be awarded.

Wait… Prize? Why not! I’ll give the winner an autographed drawing by Jack. That will be worth something when he’s rich and famous!

Okay it’s settled. Let’s begin.

How many of you still have your Christmas tree up? (Me raising my hand).

How many of you cut gum out of your hair today? (Me again).

How many if you hate how the iPhone corrects “of” to “if” all the time?


Last one… HOW many if …OF you were sitting on the couch eating oatmeal and dribbled some on your shirt and then moved your hair out of the way and noticed the oatmeal moved with it and THEN realized it wasn’t oatmeal at all but the gum that had mysteriously gone missing in the car when your son leaned forward to kiss you and then had a weird look on his face like he lost something and then when you asked him what was wrong he guiltily said “Ohhhh nothing”. Show of hands? Come ON! Don’t let me win them all!

Okay, let me confess. I’m hyper caffeinated right now. I had green tea twice today. And that’s because I had sushi twice today. Lunch and dinner. That’s a first. But oh so good.

And this is the 2nd time I’m typing this post because I lost the first one when I tried to put a photo in! Gah! Luckily I’m like super speedy!!!

Now, because this isn’t “Sh*t My Mom Says”, I will let you know what Jack said on the way home from our sushi lunch / hockey game play date.

Jack: Never take me to the Guggenheim museum. 2 reasons. It’s boring AND I’ve already been there. I can sit in an airport for two hours with no cartoons but that museum was ridiculous!

And there you have it. Totally random.

I call this post “Untitled” circa 2013. Let’s see what you come up with.

Oh and before I forget, this blog title will change on the 25th to “Sh*t My 8-Year-Old Says. I can’t believe I started this blog when Jack was 5! Three years of typing…

Holy sh*t.


Cape Cod Days 2 – 4

Could it be any nicer out here?? Sunny. 70-80 every day. Wind died down from all the storms that happened in other parts of New England this past weekend. Eating tons of seafood. My hair is 10 shades lighter. See? Good all around!

I forgot that Jack doesn’t have school on Monday so he kindly reminded me. 🙂 His teacher didn’t have any assignments or homework prepared ahead of time so we didn’t even have to keep up with that. Though it’ll suck when he gets back… I won’t mention that part to him. Why ruin a good trip.

Here are some highlights of the last few days:
– Sushi at Mac’s Shack in Wellfleet
– A day spent at Long Pond (one of the many freshwater ponds
on the Cape)
– Watched the sunset last night at Duck Harbor (I seriously will
post photos when I’m back.)
– Skating at the Wellfleet skate park every day (Jack has been
going up and down some small ramps)
– Provincetown a few more times (just because it’s awesome and
it’s THE place to find beach glass)
– Many visits to the surf shop in town. Jack’s new BFF is the owner.
– Mayo Beach again

Jack: Why don’t we just buy a house out here and live here?

me: Where would I work?

Jack: Mom, you don’t have to work because we’d be always on VACATION! Duhhh.


Last day as a 6-year-old saying sh*t

It’s Jack’s world and I’m just living in it…

Wow that year flew by, eh? Tomorrow I’m supposed to unveil the sh*t my 7-year-old says header, but please don’t hold me to it. I’m working on it I swear, but I’ve been kinda…busy…

Jack’s last meal as a 6-year-old was of course typical Jack style, 2 sushi rolls (eel & yellowtail) followed by vanilla ice cream. With a candle on top. Thanks to my friend Paul at Dao’s restaurant. Yummmmm! The food, not Paul.

Jack: I just want to let you know how rude you’ve been to me the last 6 years of my life. It’s really been stressful.

me: What???

Jack: I’ve been meaning to tell you.

me: I’ve been rude. To you. For 6 years. Really.

Jack: And sarcastic.

me: Okay fine, sarcastic I’ll give you. How am I rude exactly?

Jack: You tell me I can’t play on the computer a lot and then when I ask nicely you’re all NOOOOOOOO… and stuff like that.

me: You haven’t played on the computer for 6 years. What else ya got?

Jack: Sigh…If I’m on “ready to learn” at school and it’s a very good day you yell at me when I get off the bus or something stupid like that.

me: Don’t use that word please.

Jack: See? It’s all stu—…sorry…

me: You still have to follow my rules. No bad language, no rude behavior, no acting up, and all that. Otherwise yes I will take away computer time.

Jack: This is gonna happen for the next 7 years, I just know it.

me: Well, we’re here. If I’m that rude, maybe we should just go have dinner at home.

Jack: No! I’m just kidding! You’re the best mom! Not rude at all!

me: Nice try. I’m gonna remember that little story. Let’s go in.

Jack: Does this mean I can’t use the computer tomorrow?

And, that was my last meaningful conversation with Jack as a 6-year-old. Thinking back though…for the last 6 birthdays Jack has been EXTREMELY moody and irritable. His 1st birthday was a nightmare because he was alternating between cranky, miserable, crying and then stoic…just watching us intently. Maybe he sensed all the pressure of growing up, even at that young age? I don’t know, but for every single birthday since, he’s gone through some sort of mood shift where he is extra sensitive and touchy to just about everything.

I don’t have the heart to tell him we forgot to do his homework and he’ll have to do it in the morning instead of playing on the computer for 10 minutes. I think I’m gonna have to be rude mom again. I may need backup.