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11 Years of Blogging

How Jack sometimes shows up for remote learning.

Wow, I was just thinking back over the many, many years of blogging that I’ve done, and how I should be in sort of a rhythm with this… yet I almost forgot to update the title to Sh*t My 16 Year Old Says! I’ve done this every year right after Jack’s birthday but for some reason almost forgot. So, yes, Jack is 16. Sixteen!!! How many of you can even believe you’ve been reading this for so long. It’s all been a blur on my end. Ha!

It has been a long time omg. I know URL says “6 year old”, but trust me I started on Blogspot with “5 year old” and then changed the URL when I moved to WordPress. I still regret that 11 years later, but ah well, I don’t have a time machine and can’t go back to change that.

Jack had two friends over to celebrate his birthday, which was last week, and it was nice to have noise in the house. I mean, the animals are noisy, don’t get me wrong, but this was good to hear after the many months of COVID-related semi-isolation. It’s really getting to us!

We went to a store yesterday and we had to think back to the last time Jack was in a store… I swear it was like 6+ months ago at least! All those things we used to take for granted and now it’s like a HUGE deal to walk around shopping with a mask on and following arrows and keeping 6 feet away from everyone.

I’m happy to report that the GIANT cake we had last week is finally gone. The boys at the last of it along with many other carb-loaded food items.

I have to say, listening to these guys talk while they ate dinner, and then breakfast, and again when I drove them home, made me realize just how different their conversations are compared to the conversations I had when I was 16. I mean really, cultural appropriation? I don’t think so.

Jack: Is this Despocito?

me: Absolutely. Don’t hate on this song.

Friend 1: Totally cultural appropriation but I’m not gonna hate.

me: Cultural appropriation because they’re singing in Spanish?

Friend 2: But Bieber didn’t know Spanish before this song and he had to learn it.

me: Well, he learned it to give the right flavor to his song. That’s awesome. Madonna did it back in the 80’s with La Isla Bonita.

Jack: Yeah but cultural appropriation wasn’t a thing back then.

Friend 1: Hello, the Native Americans!

me: We’re just singing a song here that combines two languages, so we can take it down a notch. What about Run DMC and Aerosmith mixing rock and rap? That was the best!

Jack: (switches the conversation) Something something Mandalorian…

They all jump on board and talk Star Wars.

me: That should be your new podcast since your gaming podcast kinda dried up.

Jack: Guys, we should totally do a Star Wars podcast.

Friend 2: I don’t know as much about it as you.

Jack: Oh yeah, get this, my mom roasted me in the bank the other day. I was getting my debit card and they were giving me $1.00 to put in my savings so I could use the app and do the transfer, and my mom goes “Hey, that’s more than you earned on your podcast.”

Friend 1: That’s cold yo.

I honestly could listen to these guys all day. They went on about annotating something for some class and again it was just so different from what I talked about at that age. I still can’t believe I have a giant 16 year old in my house. He’s upstairs on XBox right now, being quite loud, laughing with whomever he’s playing with. Good times. 🙂

Another class extra credit assignment from October. Jack was the first to submit it of course!

Sometimes I quickly sketch Jack when he’s not looking. Shhhhhh.
Jack literally showing me what he wanted for Christmas or his birthday. Yeah, I forgot. So he bought it for himself with the shiny new debit card. :O
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Still here! Still saying sh*t! Band Jam!

My gosh a month can fly by, eh? I remember writing every day at one point years ago and then at least once a week. Sigh….. things are changing, Jack is getting older, I’m getting older (aka better) 😂 and things have been getting in the way of me blogging. Well, like life, for instance.

I spend more time working I guess… though you’d think now that Jack is older and spends so much time alone or with friends, I’d have more time to write! I can’t tell you how many nights recently I’ve thought about blogging and chose an extra half hour of sleep instead.

It’s a kind of crazy routine… and this is withOUT the rowing practice each day which starts up again next week! Oy! Work, school, pets, chores, homework, shopping, travel, etc…

But also, as I’ve mentioned, there isn’t a whole lot of CONTENT these days. I mean, I hear jack and his friends talking but can barely understand what they’re saying, never mind transcribe it into a coherent blog post.

Take yesterday for example. We went to a band jam where Jack’s friend’s band was competing. We took Jack’s friend A plus Jack’s friend’s friend B with us. Here is the gist of the conversation 😂😂😂

Jack: (holding his phone out to friend A) Look, look, what it looks like when when Rickert is in charge.

Friend A: Dude, he was the worst.

Friend B: I heard he’s totally in charge now.

Jack: Ya, that’s insane.

Friend A: (holding out his phone) No one, literally no one, not a soul and then …. (insane laughter) Everyine looks at his phone and whatever meme is currently on it.

Friend B: (Giggling and laughing at everything they say)

Jack: (holds out his phone) Look the bus with flaming wheels. (They all laugh)

Friend A: Still giggling. So did you hear about so and so who likes whatsername? She was like whatever and then she was fighting with her so we were like calm down and be friends so then they sorta got along but not really and then she liked him and now they’re dating but SHE didn’t realize that (hahahahaha), etc…//

I mean, I have no clue what they’re even saying or laughing at so how can I construct a blog post out of that sh*t??? 😱😱😱


Hopefully I’ll have more to write about over the break! Stay tuned!