Response to last night’s post!

me: Hey Jack, I saw your notebook in the kitchen and it was open to a page with some lyrics on it. What does this mean? (I show him the page)

Jack grabs the notebook in horror.

Jack: Mom you’re not supposed to read my private things!!! How can I trust you now??!!

me: It was open and I saw it. I didn’t go snooping. Explain.

Jack: That was (friend) who wrote that! I don’t even know what it is! But I can’t trust you now!!! (He starts to cry)

me: Where did your friend hear these things? They don’t sound very nice.

Jack: I don’t know!! (Sniffles)

me: Well I’d like you to tell him to please not write these things in your notebook. Especially if you don’t know where it’s from ok?

Jack: (more sniffling) Okay.

me: I’m not mad at you but moms have to keep their little boys safe, which is why I have to ask you about things like this ok?

Jack: But that’s my privacy!

me:: You can have privacy but you have to use good judgement. I’m sure you know that little boys shouldn’t be talking about beer, right?

Jack: Yeah. But now your mad and it’s all (friend’s) fault!

me: I’m not mad at all. I will be mad if I find out you’re not telling me the truth about something. Always be honest, even if you think it’s bad. That always works out better for you. Trust me.

Jack: Oh sure! That’s just what parents say when they want to make you feel good about something!


Jack: I didn’t say that! me: Yeah, ya did…

Many of you have asked if I let Jack read this blog. Or when will I. Truth is, he’s been peeking at it for over a year, mostly if I leave the tab open on my computer, or the WordPress app open on my phone.

He generally says “you’re lying…I did not say that!!!” And then after I explain the situation he says “oh yeah”…

8 year olds have great memories for facts, spelling, names and even dates because their brains are being trained to receive and memorize lots of data. My theory anyway. They are not usually good at remembering intimate nuances in conversation even when they are involved. Also, if the situation seems in any way embarrassing or not cool after the fact, they will lie and say it never happened.

Jack also says its my fault if he walks into a room and trips because “I distracted him”.

I had been telling a Jack story to a friend in Dairy Queen, and Jack started yelling out that I was a liar. I can assure you that the story was true. However, I’m learning to be more sensitive to how he is processing the blog information. It’s embarrassing to him now. Most of it anyway. He’ll deny about 700 of my now 805 posts. That’s a lot of stories people!

So, I’m thinking that I either have to get editorial content approval from an 8 year old before I post anything “embarrassing” OR I just tactfully keep the blog away from little eyes for a few more years. (Gasp…years…?) Yeah I will keep writing as long as he keeps saying sh*t. 🙂

Jack would definitely get embarrassed if I told you that I came out of my bedroom to find him naked playing Xbox, surrounded by velvet pillows, his underwear thrown across the room.

me: What the heck Jack?!!!

Jack: (sheepish) Uhhh..

me: Naked Xbox now?

Jack: I was hot.

me: Mmhmm…

(Sorry Jack, but if you’re peeking, this actually did happen.)