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Mustard Monster

Shhhh… That’s what we used to call my sister when she was little. I don’t know why, but boy did she get mad. Wooooo! Snap!! I tell Jack some of those stories and he cracks up. Like how we used to get our butts kicked if we talked back. Omg the belt! This kid has it made. Ooohhhh a stern talking to and anyone out. The humanity! And maybe lose an electronic! 


We didn’t have electronics to lose BECAUSE THEY WERENT INVENTED! I think I had caffeine today. Sigh. 

Jack’s still away at camo. Missing him big time. Bella misses him. She keeps hiding her wet soggy toy mouse in my sneaker or under my pillow. Ew. I need Jack’s sneakers back here for that!

I was just signing off and going to bed when his text popped up. Now why is he up so freaken late?? Grrrr. He’ll be tired and cranky tomorrow. Or actually he’ll be fine and save the frank for me this Sunday. Mhmm. 

My typo reminded me of Mustard Monster! Haha. Ok goodnight y’all.

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The new phase of sh*t Jack texts

It’s late. Jack is with his dad in NYC for two weeks of film camp at the NY Film Academy. He should be asleep now. I sent him a photo of my friend who’s in Privincetiwn right now eating at SCOTT CAKES!!!! When he saw the photo Jack said NOOOoOoOoOooO!!!  I thought he was going to see it in the morning. Why is he still up after 10?? Who knows. He seems pretty wired. Whatchyall think??