Loopholes in gym class

Jack: Hurry! I don’t want to miss the bus!

me: The bus left 15 minutes ago…I’m driving you remember?

Jack: But how will I show my friends this cool journal?

me: I guess on the ride home?

Jack: I’m planning on calling out sick today so you’re gonna pick me up.

me: Oh really? That’s news to me.

Jack: My sneaker’s untied…

me: Tie it.

Jack: But I’m holding all this… journal…

me: Sigh. Here give me… You’re a big boy and you know how to tie these, right?

Jack: I tie them every time I have gym class.

me: Okay, see? Then you can tie them in the morning too… Here, all set.

Jack: I tie them in gym because it gets me out of the stuff that I don’t like to do.

me: Huh? What are you talking about?

Jack: If they’re doing something boring or too hard, I just stop and tie my shoe. They don’t wait for anyone and they keep going, so I just keep tying my shoe until they’re doing something I like.

me: Wow. Way to work the system.

Jack: That’s what I thought.