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Happy Thanksgiving! And…Traditions?

 Which is to say, we don’t have any, but would certainly like to hear yours if you want to share in the comments!

Jack and I don’t really do anything special on Thanksgiving. Either I cook and invite some family over or we go to someone’s house. I make corn soufflΓ© and apple leek stuffing and a few pies. That’s about it. We don’t play football or watch football or really do anything regularly each year except eat and clean. Or maybe drive.

This year, Jack made the 2 pumpkin pies all by himself and wanted zero help. He forgot the eggs which occurred to me as I put them on the oven. SoInquickly pulled them out and added two eggs to each right in the pie plates. That was pretty funny. We tasted one last night and seriously it was the best pumpkin I ever tasted. Better than my own even though he used my recipe!

Jack was sort of careful with measurements so some spices spilled over the edges of the measuring spoons. Whatever he did really worked! So he was really proud of it. πŸ™‚

I made sugarless apple pie and that is always good. Like seriously good. You do not need sugar in that pie people!!!

We woke up this morning and decided to get some exercise by taking a walk around the block. We played frisbee as we walked. Jack got bored after 2 houses. Sigh…

Jack: I’m going home.

me: We just left! No, we’re doing this walk.

Jack: I’m tired.

me: So let’s walk slower.

Jack: Oh! Dina’s out! Can I go play over there??

me: After we walk. Sure.

Jack: Sigh…Go across the street and I’ll throw the frisbee to you. (He proceeded to throw it behind me so I had to stop, turn around and go pick it up after every two steps.)

me: Jack, throw it ahead of me so I don’t have to go back and get it. (He then threw it to me at an upwards angle so it boomeranged back to him just missing my outstretched hands each time.)

Jack: You have to jump mom!

me: Throw it straight with a wrist flick, not a full arm swing. Then it’ll reach me.

Jack; You didn’t teach me frisbee you know. That whole flick thing isn’t teaching me anything.

me: Try it. (He flicks his wrist and all the throws go perfectly to me.) See??

Jack: I’m bored.

me: Let’s run to the corner up there and then do a spectacular frisbee throw at the end.

Jack: No.  I have a cramp. From walking.

me: Which way do you want to go? The end or up the hill?

Jack: The shortest way. 

me: Naturally. 

And there you have it. Our new “tradition”. We went back home and ate some more of Jack’s pie. Yum. Now in the car to drive to another state!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Have I been slacking? Prove it!

Well yes, if you see my post rate for this week. Kind of sporadic. Kind of every other day. The holidays have kind of taken over this year with so many work and family-related parties, etc!! Man! Are you guys feeling the same? Like “not enough hours in the day for anything” kind of thing?

Perhaps today I’ll make up for some lost time and posts.

Jack and I went out and got our tree the other day, and it’s funny, he kind of felt bad about cutting down a tree, so we opted for a pre-cut. His reasoning was if it was already cut down, it wasn’t as big a deal. The deed was done. I guess that makes him feel less guilt? He feels the same about meat. If he thinks about animals being killed for our food, he cries. But if it’s already dead and wrapped in plastic, he sometimes says “Eh”. But then again, he still chooses fish over meat and even then will choose pasta over anything. πŸ™‚

This was our first year getting a tree without Jack’s dad, so it’s a first step in things. We both felt it when we drove into the tree farm. Jack ran over to the animals as usual…they have a couple of frisky goats penned up that will eat pellets (or anything for that matter) out of your hand, a small cow named Elvis, and some bunnies and chickens that scurried about just out of reach. Jack sighed a bit, but tried to get into the spirit of things. The day was not as cold as it usually is in December, and there was no snow of course. (Got all that out in October I’d say!) It was a new and different sort of Christmas feeling for both of us.

Jack: (worrying) Can I still buy an ornament like I always do?

me: Of course… Why would you think no?

Jack: I don’t know. (still pronounced as “Ow no” in the timeless 6-year-old fashion)

me: Are you okay?

Jack: Yeah. (he sighs) Who’s gonna help us get the tree in the house? (his way of talking about it without really talking about it)

me: Well, let’s pick a tree that both of us can handle and then we won’t need any help. How’s that?

Jack: (perked up) Yeah okay. But I don’t want to cut one.

me: Okay, let’s go and pick…

We selected the most perfect tree of all, a kind of sad one leaning against a fence…but when it opened up it was the most perfectly symmetrical tree I’ve seen in a long time.

Jack: Will they help us get it onto the car? (frown lines appear again)

me: Jack, someone will always be around to help us. With anything.

Jack: Yeah, so we don’t have to worry about anything. Right?

me: Right.

His smile returned and he skipped over to the car.