Florida Vacation Recap

Jack and I are in our 3rd Uber of the trip. We didn’t rent a car this time and probably saved $200 at least. Plus my sister gave us lots of rides so that helped πŸ™‚

Today is our last day in Florida, we leave earlyyyyyyy tomorrow! I dreamt we overslept and missed our flight and I lost Jack. Not too cool.

We’re in the Uber heading to meet Jack’s cousins for an alligator air boat ride plus some dune buggy all-terrain-type tour. Should be fun!!! I’m wearing flip flops omg.

We had a great week here, the beach was fun and yesterday we snorkeled the whole morning. There were hundreds of fish all around us! On Thursday we visited the Miami Zoo, or Zoo Miami as it’s known. It’s really nice and we had fun with MY cousins and my sister riding the huge family bike through the zoo. It was hysterical.

We also spent a lot of time in the pool and walking along the beach. Very chill vacation. Today will probably be the busiest day. Oh, and I slept 10 hours and 10 minutes according to my Fitbit! Yikes! But sooooo needed.

Tomorrow we land and 15 minutes later meet to pickup Moca! Yippee! Back to the routine! (Update: flight delayed 3 .5 hours so far due to lightning)

And on Tuesday Jack gets his braces omg. He had spacers put in a week ago so no more gum or chewy candy or anything for maybe a year and a half! I keep forgetting. 

me: Jack do you want some gum?

Jack: (stares at me)

me: Well? Here… (I hand him sour patch gum)

Jack: Mom. I can’t have gum for 2 years.

me: Oh shoot sorry. Heh heh.

He shakes his head at me.


me: Which kind of gum do you want? Fruity or mint?

Jack: (stares at me)

me: oops, sighhhhhh! Sorry.

Jack: Two years!

I think this will go on for 2 years. At least. :O

I looked at the weather for next week and it’s all thunderstorms here. Boo-ya Florida! We win! We got lucky this week. And I have some tan lines for a change. They won’t last but I’ll enjoy them while I have them πŸ™‚ Jack is somewhat allergic to either the son block or the dive mask. Ugh poor kid. His face is all irritated. 😦

Hopefully Jack enjoyed his time down here with me and my cousins and his cousins and aunt and uncle. Maybe we will see them again soon! 

Hopefully you’re all enjoying your summer (if you live in the U.S.) or tell me what season it is wherever you’re living! 

Here are some pics from the week…


London: Days 2 & 3

Omg such nice weather here! We’ve walked miles and miles around London and along the Thames. Today we hit 10 miles, yesterday 12… nice!

We seem to have done it all but still have a Muggle Harry Potter Tour, Stonehenge, a play, the double decker tourbus, Windsor Castle, etc. so much left to do!

me: We didn’t get our run in this morning… 

Jack: I got enough exercise. We walked all day!

me: But a run gets your heart rate up and…

(He takes off running)

me: Heyyyy! Let’s keep going!

Jack: Uh no. I’m only running across the street so I don’t get hit by the crazy bus drivers!

(We literally almost got run over by a bus coming from an unexpected direction.)

It was super easy to get around, all the London Pass attractions worked out well, the sightseeing boat was fun, and we generally just ate and drank as we went. No worries as everyone was really accommodating about Jack’s nut allergy. He seems to be less worried now. 

It’s a great city to walk in, especially in this amazing weather!

Time for bed. We have to get up early!

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Testing the Blog Share

Come on Facebook.

You’re always unhitching yourself from my WordPress wagon. 

Let’s try this again. I’ll make this a photo post to ease you into things.

Jack: You shouldn’t post any more about me. They’re all lies. Or as you call them, “embellishments”.  (He air quotes)

me: Grrrrr!

Here are some photos from our trip to Parris Island, SC. We picked up Jack’s cousin from the Marines!


What people must think…

Jack and I are in Florida! Ok it’s our last full day here 😦  so we go home tomorrow. Since it’s mostly been just me and him, I’ve had to keep him totally entertained…

I spent the entire morning with him in the ocean the first day. Like literally in the water hanging out collecting shells and rocks, playing catch, floating, watching fish and boats and parasailers, etc. 

We finally decided to go to the pool and hang out there and get some lunch. 

Jack: Come in the pool!!

me: In a couple minutes. I want to dry off and sit down for a few minutes ok?

(This was NOT ok apparently)

Jack: How come you NEVER do anything with me! You never swim with me!!

Now parents are looking and starting to judge me. Hmm. 

me: Jack I just swam with you for 2 and a half hours. I’m sitting for five minutes.

Jack: That’s what you always say!!

Two guys turned around to look at me.

me: (to the guys) Why don’t YOU play with him??? 

Guy: I drank too much.


me: Jack if you keep yelling you’re gonna have to get out.

Then I did go in and swim with him for about an hour then we had lunch and then he went back in the pool for awhile…


me: Come out of the pool for two minutes for more sunblock.

Jack: (dripping all over me) Put it on now.

me: You’re all wet. Sit for two minutes and then you can go back in.

Jack: Noowwwwwww!!!

me: Hey lower your voice. Now you’re sitting out for ten minutes. 

Jack: Just so you can use your phone some more?? Lazy!

me: You’re out for not listening. You’d be back in already if you listened the first time right?

Jack: You’re mean! You just want to stay on your phone!!

me: (Warning tone) Jaaaaccckkk…

All the same parents turn to look. Sheesh. 

Jack: Not fair!!!! You just want to stay on your phone like you always do!!!

me: Guess what? No more pool.


And so we left. To all the parents that believe the rantings of a 10 year old… I am a good mom and I do play with my son a lot and I occasionally use my phone while on vacation and answer work emails! Gahhh!

(Jack just came over as I’m writing this. We are at the pool again. I swam with him a LOT!)

Jack: Can we go? I want to skateboard.

me: 5 minutes. 

Jack: Now! 

And here we go again…




Cape Cod Days 2 – 4

Could it be any nicer out here?? Sunny. 70-80 every day. Wind died down from all the storms that happened in other parts of New England this past weekend. Eating tons of seafood. My hair is 10 shades lighter. See? Good all around!

I forgot that Jack doesn’t have school on Monday so he kindly reminded me. πŸ™‚ His teacher didn’t have any assignments or homework prepared ahead of time so we didn’t even have to keep up with that. Though it’ll suck when he gets back… I won’t mention that part to him. Why ruin a good trip.

Here are some highlights of the last few days:
– Sushi at Mac’s Shack in Wellfleet
– A day spent at Long Pond (one of the many freshwater ponds
on the Cape)
– Watched the sunset last night at Duck Harbor (I seriously will
post photos when I’m back.)
– Skating at the Wellfleet skate park every day (Jack has been
going up and down some small ramps)
– Provincetown a few more times (just because it’s awesome and
it’s THE place to find beach glass)
– Many visits to the surf shop in town. Jack’s new BFF is the owner.
– Mayo Beach again

Jack: Why don’t we just buy a house out here and live here?

me: Where would I work?

Jack: Mom, you don’t have to work because we’d be always on VACATION! Duhhh.