The weakest vegetable…

Jack: Feel my muscle! (he starts flexing)

me: Wow! Now wiggle your hand back and forth and the muscle will wiggle too.

Jack: Feel!

me: Grandpa used to tell us he had a potato in there…

Jack: Why would he say that?

me: I don’t know. Because the muscle feels like a potato?

Jack: But that’s the weakest vegetable of all!

me: I don’t think it had to do with being a strong vegetable, just the shape…

Jack: NOW, if you want a strong vegetable, that would have to be the cucumber.

me: Huh? Why?

Jack: No wait…it’s definitely the zucchini, because it’s a little stronger than the cucumber. Cucumbers get all watery and mushy sometimes…

me: But why is that a strong one?

Jack: Everyone knows why. Just LOOK at it for pete’s sake.

me: ??

Ummm, okay, not sure I follow that reasoning. Anyway, here is a photo of Jack at his latest belt test for Taekwondo. He’s red/green now! And just for the record, I passed my red/white test, so I’m right behind him. 🙂 No photo though… 😦