Foto Friday – November Edition

If only there was a way for WordPress to batch load all these photos. 🙂 I’m sure there’s a way, but I’m not smart enough to figure it out. Sigh…

Anyway, I’m taking the easy way out tonight and just posting some more overdue photos of my trip to Russia. I won’t even have time to label them all. 😦  If you want to know what an image is, let me know!

Jack and I had friends over for pizza (and wine!) so we’re both tired. Jack was up very late last night because I took him to see the Rockettes in NYC. We didn’t get to bed until 11. Gasp! And tonight he got to bed at 10. GASP!! So, yeah, he’s running on fumes. Which is maybe why he flipped out on the kid who was singing on his bus. Can hardly blame the poor kid. You know how annoying singing can be when you are NOT IN THE MOOD! So yeah…yawn… and stuff.

Jack: Can we do something fun in New York?

me: We’re on the train to see the Rockettes. That’s the fun.

Jack: But what about something else?

me: You wanted to see this, so we’re going to see this. There’s not a lot of extra free time. Train, Rockettes, eat, train, bed. That’s kinda it.

Jack: But there’s this cool restaurant that I want to go to. (sounds like a New Yorker)

me: We’ll eat, don’t worry.

Jack: I don’t want to eat at your “we have to rush so we’re grabbing some crap at an awful place to eat” place.

me: Nice. Really?

Jack: Sorry. Can we go to Central Park.

me: It’s dark out.

Jack: WHAATTT? Why is it SO dark now. OH I know it’s because the daylight savings time which DOES NOT SAVE ME ANY TIME!!! (whole train got an earful of that rant)

me: Settle down, people are trying to relax.

Jack: Can I have my flame thrower now?

me: Sigh.

Sergiyev Posad
Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir, one of the medieval capitals of Russia. This cathedral is one of only 936 World Heritage sites.
Cathedral of St. Demetrius, Vladimir
Sergiyev Posad - NIght
Sergiyev Posad - Day
Russian highway. We pulled over so someone could throw up. Yeah you go THAT fast.
Sign in a walkway in Sergiyev Posad. Reminded me of Jack.
Little playground in Vladimir
Paintings in a restaurant in Sergiyev Posad
Market in St. Petersburg

I like this other shot of the market.



Russia – Day 4 – Vladimir

Koshka (Cat)

I’m realizing that no matter how diligent I think I’m being about posting…yeah…I’m going to fall behind. Sooooooooo this post is from Wednesday. I don’t even want to say “yesterday” because of the time difference. I think it’s already tomorrow here. Or there. Shtow? What?

Okay, today we woke up in Sergiyev Posad and then had another new friend drive us by car to the town of Vladimir, which is more North East. It was a beautiful 2-hour drive through some smaller towns, the countryside and even the deep woods. there were lots of trees similar to our white birch tree, plus some other varieties that I didn’t recognize. Pines were plentiful!

We had a professional historical tour guide take us on a walking tour of the town and it’s various churches. Amazing photos! I will do my best to post them below. We’re flipping through the photos now and I’m quite impressed! 

So here’s a little bit of how our routine works. We wake up and enjoy the free breakfast in the restaurant. It has typical American type foods like yogurt and pastries and eggs, and also Russian foods like deli meats and cucumber salad etc. Then we go back to the room and unplug our various electronics from the mouse maze of converters we have set up. There’s one 2-pronged thing that goes directly into the Russian wall socket. Then a big converter box that turns that into a 2-pronged American socket. you have to set high or low power for either a phone or a hair dryer. Don’t ever forget to do that! Then there’s a converter that turns our 3-pronged cords into 2-pronged. It’s like 6 inches long when you’re done so you have to prop it up with a water bottle or else it unplugs itself. Fun!

Then we gather our gear for the day and walk to the Metro. OMG if we didn’t have a Russian native tethered to us at all times we would probably die down there. And not just lose a leg like I almost did when the door closed on it. The escalators go down about five stories and there are tunnels everywhere with trains whizzing past at a million miles per hour. Or “a million miles for an hour” as Jack likes to say. :). This is HIS blog isn’t it? shoot…

We stop at cafes for snacks or zakuska. Usually coffee. Then see the sights, walk for miles and miles, then reverse it all back to the hotel and plug everything back in. We have iPods, iPads, laptops, cameras, and I think that’s it. Our phones are useless. 

We’re feeling more comfortable with the language and now ask for non-sparkling water, the check, the bathroom and other things with complete confidence. Except for the time that I called myself a sheep instead of saying I’m hungry, or something. Yikes. 

More photos for you to enjoy, now posted below!