I can’t even…

So there was a minor catastrophe the other day which may or may not have involved me getting locked out of my car. Ok Moca actually locked herself IN the car, and we were at the beach and I was supposed to be watching one of Jack’s friends…and the list goes on and on.

But that’s not the story I’m here to tell.

I called Jack to let him know that I was stuck outside my car and waiting for roadside assistance.

Jack: Hello?

me: Hey Jack, listen I’m kinda stuck at the beach for awhile.

Jack: What’s up?

me: Moca locked herself in the car by stepping on the keys and I —

Jack: Just Kidding (rest inaudible due to bad signal)

me: What??

Phone goes dead. I thought Jack hung up on me. I called him back.

Jack: Hello?

me: Hey what the heck? I have to talk to you…

Jack: What’s up?

me: Listen, I’m going to be awhile because I’m at the beach —

Jack: Just Kidding, leave a message.


Yes exactly. That was his voicemail message.


And 3 hours later with the help of a very good friend, I had my spare keys delivered to me and I got to go home.


Phone Calls

Jack’s voicemail to Daddy…

Jack: Hi Dad! Guess what?? I got my arm splint off today… yeah … So either you pay me the 15 bucks towards my labor costs or else you’ll be the subject of a new comic strip called Dopey Dad. Ha ha ha! Yeah…soooo… See my finger, see my thumb, see my fist you better run! …  Sooo, Okay… Miss you … Have fun on your trip … and then call us back NOW or I’ll make both your eyes roll towards each other!! Okay, love you miss you and call us back goodBYE!!!

me: Interesting message.

Jack: I like to give him fun things to listen to after a long day.

(Jack is supposed to be asleep but I hear him up there singing something that sounds like our National Anthem…)